Want to Look Trendy: Time to Upgrade Your Wardrobe


Do you think you have nothing for a special occasion, even in front of a stacked wardrobe? It is time to build your wardrobe to make it fashionable and functional. Some people try to avoid it by considering it a costly and time-consuming project. Undoubtedly, it is an exciting process.

When you were younger, you didn’t really care about your wardrobe even if you had quite a few options that would have made things easier for you. But as you grew older and gained more experience in life, you came to realize there are times when wearing certain clothing items would greatly help out with your situation. 

Nowadays, you will get a myriad of exciting style choices for your budget and taste. You can make your style statement by combining different pieces. Fortunately, you can find one-stop shops to buy perfumes, shoes, clothing, accessories, and many other things, such as Harrolds Australia. Here are some tips that will help you to clean out your wardrobe.

Closet Cleaning

For a fashionable and functional wardrobe, you have to reduce clutter by cleaning out your closet. There is no benefit of keeping things that are not useful for you anymore. You can donate old-fashioned or ill-fitting items.

Moreover, throw away worn-out clothes. If you do not feel confident and comfortable in some pieces, try to remove these items. However, you do not need garments with irremovable tints.

When I try to describe reasons to houseclean, most people’s eyes glaze over and they tune me out. However, that’s not the case when it comes to a closet clean-out. Everyone has a closet where they’ve been keeping clothes or other items for ages but haven’t used anymore. We keep things in there not because we intend them to take the place of the current season’s clothing, but it’s easier than making the decision to toss them out. Inevitably that “forgotten” box of things catches our eye when we’re in need of some new things.

Pay Attention to Basics

Basics are essential to organize your wardrobe. You should focus on items that are easy to mix and match with other dresses. Some important pieces include jeans, a black dress, pencil skirts, a white shirt, comfy flat, cardigans, coats, leather jackets, and functional bags. However, classic pumps in beige, brown, or black colors are important for your wardrobe. Your wardrobe also needs versatile jewelry and scarves.

Neutral Colors Work Well

Eye-popping prints and bright colors can easily attract attention. Remember, the trend of these colors and prints cannot be permanent. For this reason, your functional wardrobe needs neutral colors. Indeed, your wardrobe needs cream, navy, camel, grey, brown, white, and black colors. These are timeless colors, and it is easy to mix and match both bright and neutral shades.

In life, we associate colors with feelings and personality. For example red – warmth and passion, blue – intelligence and confidence, white – cleanliness and purity, black – elegance, etc. Therefore, if a person who is wearing a red or black dress or suit is confident and captivating he will surely be noticed by others. However, keep in mind that trendy prints, colors, and styles are normal for young people. Therefore the right choice for them will be colorful clothes. But for sensible people of my age statement T-shirts, jeans, simple skirts, etc are suitable.

Do Not Ignore Your Personal Style

Your style is extremely important. Brands often sell their latest trends according to their seasonal style. People usually buy according to their vision, and it increases the chances of identity crises. To avoid these issues, you will need a solid sense of personal style.

My co-workers think I look good in a scarf. Perhaps it is because they were sick of me saying, “Hey, would you mind covering up all my important text? I’d like everyone to see these words.” Or maybe it’s because I’m easily mistaken for a cancer patient. Either way, I have now begun to realize that I need to stop neglecting my personal style–even if it means taking a bold plunge into scarves and colored blazers. Before choosing any style, you have to discover your personal preferences. Some brands want to channel your internal bohemian, and others may try to introduce an edgier attitude. You will need something to feel comfortable and confident.

Catch Up Latest Trends

To create a functional and trendy wardrobe, you have to focus on trends to look chic. Undoubtedly, trends may change quickly, and it can be challenging to catch up with trends. Though, you can add some on-trend pieces to look updated and fresh.

Do Not Avoid Layers

Layering may be great, and you can create different looks with this trick. You can create a casual and smart look with the help of layering. For example, you can combine a blazer or sweater, a tank under a classic t-shirt, or wear a shirt with a collared vest. For exciting outcomes, you will need some styling knowledge.


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