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Why Programming!!

In the majority of my life till now I have had just one enthusiasm: my Personal Computer. From the very first day we bought it, till the latest configuration owned by me today, it has always fascinated and furnished me with the technological advancements. Thanks to my programming and Googling skills. And this is the precise reason I opted for Computer Science engineering to could learn more and more about it and may contribute to the world some of my own ideas.

It is a perfect time for anyone to start with at least 1 programming language, be it Python or Java or C# or ABAP. The more I researched and studied the different languages the more I perplexed by the amount of complexities that there can be!

But Alas! one day the Gods of CS bestowed me some light with a websiteA website that makes life easyA website that puts me or anyone that is a layman in computer programming a step ahead and in the correct path as one need to be inA website that offers you help in any and every way you can imagine. It has tutorials about different languages, the owner personally helps you through your problems, uploads different kinds of source codes as examples for you.

Remember: Even the person atop of the pyramid who is hiring developers was a programmer someday ;)



Home Page voidrealms

It is created and owned by Bryan Cairns, who is a highly trained professional and a specialist in Computer Programming, Active Directory, VMware, SQL server, Linux and Network Security. Certified in tons of system security certificates and ethical hacking programs, he has a vast knowledge of different languages such as Visual Basic, C#, C, C++, Java, Python, Delphi, Pascal and a few others.

Apart from this, Brain the owner of the website also does some project works of his own and also allows you to enlist his help in making your own website. The projects done so far can be also seen on the website and are available for downloads too.

Downloads - voidrealms programming

Projects - voidrealms programming

If you are new to programming, it is highly recommended to watch those video tutorials that are uploaded in Tutorials section. Trust me, you wont need any kind of book…just your laptop, you, your headphones and the tutorial videos.

Tutorials - voidrealms programming

Bryan started this website to upload videos and source codes for the subsequent videos to allow users to understand and comprehend the fine basics of different programming languages.

Source - voidrealms programming

You may contact him if you like. You may ask him about your queries if you are an amateur, newbie or skilled developer, he can solve all your queries. He receives tons of emails everyday so there is only 1 thing you need to keep – Patience!

Contact - voidrealms programming

This website is the Holy Grail for all programming lovers and enthusiast to learn, master and revisit the basics so as they can go on and develop their own piece of code that can be a part of this ever changing world! :)


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