Top 10 Videos on Web Design and Development


With the increasing number of web technologies coming up these days, people are trying hard to implement the same into their websites. But many of us still don’t have the slightest idea on how can these websites are made. In order to help you learn a bit of the basic web technologies, we bring to you the list of top 10 videos on web design and development.


1) HTML5 by The New Boston


This video by The New Boston provides an introduction on HTML5. The guy is really good in explaining the things which helps you to learn quicker. His channel on Youtube includes the other videos in the series of HTML5 as well as about other technologies like XHTML, CSS, MySQL Database, etc


2) Xara Template


Xara Template feature web design tutorial using Xara Web Designer 7 and Xara Web Designer Premium 9. The software is really handy and easy to use. The channel has other videos in the series and also features videos on HTML, Windows 8, etc.


3) WordPress Website Design


This video gives info on what exactly is WordPress and how to set up a website using it. The other videos in the channel are really useful as they aim to give solutions to a specific problem. If you have been a WordPress user for sometime now, this could really help you out in your needs.


4) HTML Tutorial by Edz Johnson


For those who just want to know the basics of HTML, this video is just right for you. The tutorial gives info on the basics of HTML and the other videos in the channel provide info on putting up images, links, menu bars, etc using HTML.


5) Web Design Tutorial by


This tutorial by the famous online learning company is of great use. The video guides you through the basics of Web Design and what you need to know about making an website.


6) Web Design using Photoshop by Awful Media


This tutorial guides you on how to design a webpage using Photoshop and then put it live on the web. Awful Media on their channel feature other video tutorials for WordPress widget options, WordPress theme customization, etc.


7) PHP tutorial by ZeTutorials


This video gives information on PHP and MySQL and what things can be achieved using the same. This basically is just an introduction videos on the technologies.


8) Web Development using Eclipse by Sam Blackwell


The video guides you through how to setup Eclipse, a software with which you can design web pages. The other videos in the channel help you in creating a website using Eclipse.


9) Creating a Web Site in Dreamweaver by Greg Davis


This video shall help you in making a website using Adobe Dreamweaver. The video guides you along making a basic web page, creating a table layout, etc. using Dreamweaver.


10) Visual Web Developer by Amen Ra


This tutorial teaches how to create a web page using Microsoft Visual Studio. The series is specially designed for beginners.


Well we hope these videos were of good use to you. And it’s always better to know about the current trends in web design.




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