Top 5 Videos Channels On Youtube For Learning CakePHP


Top 5 Video Channels on Youtube For Learning CakePHP

CakePHP is a MVC platform for PHP making things easier and faster. This platform already has social networking tools, in-buit view structure and many other auto-magical features.Here is a list of 5 video channels on Youtube that can be your guide while learning CakePHP.

1. CakePHP Channel

This channel is one of the most popular channel to learn and practice CakePHP as is evident from the number of views.  It covers detailed tutorials on almost all topics like ‘How to Internalize your application’, ‘CakePHP -Ajax Pagination’ and basic explanation of MVC platform.

2. andrewperk’s Channel

He explains the basic Blog Tutorial – a simple application to understand CakePHP fundamentals in a series of videos mentioned in the Cookbook -official documentation of CakePHP. Reading, Saving, Validation and baking of posts has been nicely explained. He has separately discussed the Auth Component in CakePHP via 2 videos.

3. MrBmacwilliam Channel

Here the topics like CRUD, scaffolding, customizing Models and Controllers, modifying .htaccess file are covered along with the beginning tutorials in cakePHP. He has discussed the things using MAMP.

4. minddiv Channel

Here the basic tutorials on ‘how to set up cake on Ubuntu’ ,blog tutorial, baking of cake, setting up of console are covered. ‘Find’ method, Save, read, exists, exception handling and other  minute things needed in blog tutorial are well explained.

5. Peter Maroti’s Channel

He has explained the ‘Internationalizing your application’ part in CakePHP in detail. Yes the blog tutorial is also covered.


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