Top 7 Ways To Use Google Differently (Apart from Google Search)


Google is the buzzword of the 21st century. Google is the solution. It is someone’s guide to success, someone’s life saver or someone’s life itself. We can’t imagine our lives without Google. I wonder what may happen if Google shuts down for a week or till eternity. We might face dire consequences and repercussions for its unfortunate shutdown. Majority of people think Google is just a Search Engine. It is a lot more than just a search engine today! You know about Gmail, Images,Maps,Google+, Drive and Play. There are some others too. Today I will tell you how to use Google differently! You just need to have a Google account to utilize the coming products efficiently.


1. Google for Programming: Google Code

It is a development website by Google which consists of Application Programming Interfaces, Developer Tools and Technical resources and help. It provides the APIs for almost all popular Google Products like YouTube,  Apps, Earth, Picasa Web Albums and many more which can be used by web developers. It also includes a project hosting service where free open source projects are shared under a collaborative environment. Projects on C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Rails, PHP, jQuery and Android can be accessed through Google Code.

Click Here to visit Google Code

Google Code

Google Code


2. Google for Networking: Orkut (Not Google+)

Orkut is a social networking site by Google Inc. which was launched long back in January, 2004. At that time there was no Facebook or any craze about social networking! Today most of the Orkut Users have switched to Facebook because of a better user interface and features but still today also orkut has 33 million active users. Half of them are from Brazil and one-fourth are from India.Most of the users have migrated To the pioneer of Social Networking, Facebook!  Nevertheless Orkut has some advantages over facebook too. Some being

  1. Advertisement Free.
  2. Variety of themes.( I am bored with the Blue-White Theme of Facebook)
  3. Better Security.
  4. Better Flexibility in Language usage

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3. Google for Blogging: Blogger

Blogger is a Blog Hosting Website developed by Pyra Labs and later acquired by Google Inc. in 2003. Blogger is a place where single/Multi-users can record  information and data or opinions on a regular basis so that the entire world can have a access to it. Blog an internet slang for web log has been tremendously used nowadays. You can Create your own Blog through Blogger  and tell the world about your thoughts! You can use beautiful customized themes for your blog. One interesting thing, You can earn if the world likes your thoughts, en-route Google Adsense. Unlike WordPress which is also a famous Blog Hosting Website, It can’t be installed in a web server hence one has to use DNS facilities.

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4. Google for Printing On-the-go: Google Print Cloud

Google Print Cloud is Cloud-Print-Software Service developed by Google. It is a fairly new feature in the lineup. Through Google Cloud Print You can print emails, attachments or anything by using your device which can be a tablet, Cell phone or Laptop having the Apps which are compatible with Google Cloud Print like Cloud Print Beta for Android, PrintCentral Pro for iOS and Cloud Printer for Mac. The File is securely sent to your Cloud-ready-Printer or even other printers(takes little time to synchronize with web) kept in the same room or in any other continent, Yes! Continent! Google Cloud Print is Safe, Convenient to use and your printer can be shared with anyone in the world just like Google Docs.

Click Here to Visit Google Print Cloud

Print Cloud

Print Cloud


5. Google for Statistics: Google Trends

Google Trends is a very interesting facility. It tells us about how much times a term is searched over the search engine with respect to total volume of searches across different regions of the world in different languages. It provides a statistical review of the top searched terms of the day in a particular country too. You can share these statistics on Facebook and Google+. There is a Top Charts Tab which gives you a brief table of most searched and trending topics on almost everything!  Below that there is an Explore Tab where you can compare different searched terms through graphs and charts for better understanding, You can filter your results on the basis of time span, region and category.

Click Here to Visit Google Trends 

Google Trends

Google Trends


6. Google for Languages: Google Translate

Have you ever found a document on  the web search or in an email attachment which is in a language unknown to you but you still want to retrieve the information in it? If Yes, Google Translate is the solution to your problem. It is just like a human translator. The only difference is that it is completely free of cost and it supports 72 Languages. Moreover it can detect your language as you are typing. It has iOS and Android Versions for Tablets,Mac,iPhone and Cell Phones. They support 50 languages and voice input of 15 major languages of the world. You can upload a file and translate it to any language of your choice which you know.

Click here to visit Google Translate

Google Translate

Google Translate


7. Google for Productivity: Google Calender

Google Calender is a Offline/Online Calendar App launched on April 13,2006. You need to have a account to use this calendar.It is well integrated with Gmail and Tasks. You can setup an event very easily and modify it. You can get notifications and mails as reminders so as to make you keep a track of the upcoming event. You can modify the event description bar color to reduce ambiguity and change privacy also.

Click Here to Visit Google Calender 


Google Calender

This were a the 7 ways by which you can use this booming website in some differently. There are some more also but I have discussed the major seven which might come out handy for you some day.


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