How To Undo Sent Emails In Gmail


Many of us regret the fact that an unedited email is sent by us to any high corporate body or friends or family members without attaching the file, or without re-reviewing the content of the body

You can undo this message immediately only seconds afer you have accidently clicked the “Send” button. Here are few easy steps:

Step 1: Activating Undo Send In Gmail

Open the Settings Gear on the top-right side of your Gmail inbox.

1 gear

Step 2: Activating Undo Send In Gmail

Click on Settings from the drop down menu

2 click on settings after gear

Step 3: Activating Undo Send In Gmail

Go to the Labs tab under Settings

3 goto labs

Step 4: Activating Undo Send In Gmail

Search for “Undo Send” in “Available Labs” and click on Enable to enable it.

4 search for undo send

Step 5: How to Undo a Sent Email in Gmail

When you have accidentally sent an email or if you just realized you’ve sent a mail with a typo or a mail to the wrong recipient, you have 10 seconds of grace to undo the action. See at the Undo with red circle? Click there within 10 seconds of sending the email.

5 sending msg
6 click undo to undo7 undone

 Step 6: Changing the grace time to undo sent mails in Gmail (default is 10 seconds)

Review/attach the message and click on Send

8 resend

Step 7: Changing the grace time to undo sent mails in Gmail (default is 10 seconds)

Wait for 10 seconds now. You will find that the Undo button disappears. This means that your email has been sent to the recipient’s inbox after 10 seconds you have set your mail.

9 sent successfully

However, you can change this “10 seconds” time frame. Go to Settings, scroll down below General tab, look for Send cancellation period under Undo send. You have options with 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds.

10 set timer

Voila!! You are now accustomed to a habit of sending mails w/o attachments and/or w/o editing the content of the body! Its always a good habit of enabling this feature because you will never know when the catastrophe bestows upon you when half-mail is sent to the recipient(s).

However, when you enable this undo email feature, the receiver will be able to view the mail only after your defined seconds you’ve clicked on “Send”.


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