Types of Online Marketing


Online marketing is an emerging field of marketing. It has its presence in the virtual world in varied forms and so is known by many other names viz. internet marketing, web marketing, e-marketing etc.

Since internet has become a marketplace in today’s world, online marketing plays a very important role in business. Be it a company, an entrepreneur, an employee or a student, online marketing has a lot to offer for all.

The principles of marketing in online marketing are though same, the difference lies in the mode of marketing, i.e, online. So, it is basically promotion of products and services via internet. Marketing on internet can be done by many ways viz. sending emails, advertising on websites, posting in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. and sharing in professional social platform like LinkedIn.

Online marketing, apart from the marketing skills aspects, is very much associated with content writing and technical skills like SEO. Online marketing is in great demand as almost all the companies have internet presence. Even the newly emerging start-up companies are finding online marketing as the best practice to start a business.

                                                  Types of Online Marketing

1. Web advertising

This is one of the best ways of online marketing. Posting advertisements on third party websites can increase awareness and help in publicizing your company. One can also post on Ad posting websites. While with some this can be done free of cost, there are websites that charge money for this. But posting banners and Ads on these websites will have a good impact on your business.

2. Email marketing

Sending emails to the potential customers and creating awareness about company and its services is one of the professional types of marketing. With group messages, we can reach out to a number of customers at once. This saves time and is efficient also. You can interact with the users of your websites and ask for their referrals. This is an innovative way of creating new customers from the exiting customers.

3. Content marketing

Maintaining the content of the website and updating it on time is a good type of marketing that also helps in creating a good image in the minds of visitors who visit the websites. Interesting articles, phrases and quotes posted on the website is considered important in terms of marketing.

4. SEO marketing

SEO, i.e, Search Engine Optimization, is a wonderful technique of marketing the contents of your website. Since there are huge numbers of websites on internet and with the day by day increasing of website traffic, it is very important to increase the visibility of your website in search engines like google. The more searchable your website is, the more it is visible to the your customers and ultimately increasing your business.

5. Social media marketing

With the presence of social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, almost all the customers can be found on these networks. These are good platforms to showcase your company, products and services in the form of short posts, images or videos.

Scope for Jobs

Depending on the business needs and goals, online marketing strategy is defined. And all the implementation procedures are based upon that. And for this, an online marketer is required.  As the job position is included in marketing department, job designation and roles vary. In some organizations, social media manager may be responsible for online marketing and in some, content writer or SEO executive may be jointly responsible. While those dealing with web designing may also be given this as one of the responsibilities.

Either full time or part time jobs are available in online marketing. To gain experience, one can also start with internships.

Advantages and disadvantages

The biggest advantage of using online marketing is that it is inexpensive. Secondly, the company can reach to huge number of customers at once. Thirdly, on the basis of statistics, company can draw out analysis e.g, which kinds of products are being liked by the customers. According to the result of analysis, company can make strategy and improve on those products.

The disadvantage is that various promotional activities may be treated as spam on internet. The customer finds it difficult to determine the difference between original and spam. For security issues also, customers feel unsafe to use online services e.g, online shopping.




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