Types of Backpacks (Choose the right one)


Thinking of buying a backpack that serves your needs? Most people only know about one type of backpack and overlook others. Your needs may be pretty specific, so your backpack should be as well.

Traditional Option

The most known backpack is the traditional one. Most people have used a regular backpack at some point. These are used for school, work, and travel. They come with two straps, the main pocket, and a second smaller pocket. Yes, it is a simple design, but it serves its purpose well enough.

Personalized Option

Another route you can take is not too different from the traditional backpack route, except these are custom backpacks. The idea here is that you get to choose the style your backpack takes on. You get to choose the material, the look, and even the decorations if you want them. It is a good way to make your backpack feel a little more personal, and that may help you appreciate it bit more.

Rucksack Option

For the most part, the rucksack is similar to the traditional backpack. It usually comes with two compartments, as you would expect from a regular backpack, but this time you won’t find a zipper. Rucksacks normally come with a flap or a buckle that helps secure your belongings inside. The reason some folks prefer the rucksack is because it makes it easier to fit more stuff since a flap usually gives you a little more space as opposed to the zipper that cannot be expanded much.

Daypack Option

Those who are looking for something to take on hikes or on their travels may want to consider a daypack. You are probably going to find two or three compartments, but what really makes this backpack stand out are the materials. You’ll find this backpack to be pretty lightweight, which is why it’s good for travel. The material resists tears and is water-resistant, making it a survival backpack.

Laptop Backpack

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it is also quite important. Students and professionals use their computers for almost everything now, which means that some people travel with their laptops. You need a backpack that provides your device with protection. This option provides extra padding around the computer. You’ll also have pouches for your smartphone and chargers.

Frame Backpack

The frame backpack is the backpacking backpack. This option is for travelers who only want to travel with a good backpack. These are usually quite tall, and they are built to carry around a lot of stuff. The carrying straps and the design is ergonomically sound, and this was intentional. The designers want to make sure you can carry this backpack long-term.

Sling Backpack

This is an over-the-shoulder backpack. It gives you freedom, especially if you are on the move a lot and want more freedom to move your hands. Over-the-shoulder backpacks are usually lightweight and can be easily pulled from your back to store things. Then, you can just sling it back when you are done without taking it off.

Combination Backpack

The combination backpack comes in several styles. The idea is to combine what a backpack is with other types of bags, like the tote bag. The tote backpack can be carried as a backpack or used as a tote bag. The duffel backpack can be carried as a duffel bag or a backpack. The suitcase backpack can be carried like a backpack or placed on the ground and dragged through the airport, thanks to the wheels.

Hydration Backpacks

The hydration backpack is light, which is great for hikers and travelers, but what makes these backpacks really stand out is the water compartments. These compartments allow you to store water and are connected to a pipe long enough to drink water as you travel without carrying a bottle with you. A backpack like this is really fun to have and keeps you feeling hydrated. It’s also good for those who exercise around the neighborhood.

Apart from this, leather backpacks are a great option too. Check out this best leather backup guide by Globo Surf.

Hopefully, one of these backpacks work for you, but there are dozens of types of backpacks. Write down what your needs are, and see if a specific backpack fulfills those needs.


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