Video Tutorial: Use Wine to Run Windows Apps in Linux





Wine (simulator) is a program which allows you to run Windows software on Linux. It does not require installation of Windows on a computer, to start with Wine programs, that were written for Windows.

How well does Wine is?

Programs that date from the Windows-95/98-Era, but also many programs for Windows 2000 and XP, usually work very well. The newer and more complex the program, the more likely are problems. It supports many games, especially those that use older versions of DirectX or OpenGL. As technology currently progressing very quickly. With the latest version, many games and programs can be used without problems, that ran a few weeks ago, or only with tricks (eg Microsoft DLLs).

Depending on the Windows program that runs under Wine, the demands on the resources (primarily CPU power and available RAM) is very moderate to very high. Unfortunately, here is no blanket statement can be made, which program “liquid” running and what not.

Many people don’t know the process of installing desired softwares in Linux environment.Here is a video tutorial to explain the process of installing Wine software on Ubuntu using the Terminal.

Video Tutorial: Use Wine to Run Windows Apps in Linux



I am sure this simple video tutorial will help you in installing very good windows games on Linux OS.

So keep playing, keep enjoying.


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