Tricks to Buy High-quality Furniture at an Affordable Price


You may feel excited before buying new furniture for your house. Undoubtedly, it is a long-term investment; therefore, you should be careful while making a purchase decision. Everyone desires to buy durable and beautiful furniture at an affordable price.

Nowadays, the market is booming with interior decorator showrooms, online options, and furniture stores. For this reason, you will have numerous options. Make sure to do your research to buy from a reliable store, such as Wholesales Direct. Here are some tips that will help you to check the quality of furniture before spending money.

Wood Quality

Typically, furniture is made of hardwood, plywood, solid wood, or veneer. These elements are essential to determine the quality of furniture. You can choose solid hardwood because it has a single piece of wood naturally. Moreover, plywood has different layers of wood with low density as compared to solid wood.

You can evaluate the quality of wood by evaluating the exposed surface of furniture. In this way, you may get an idea of the raw wood inside. If you need furniture made of plywood, make sure to check its layers. A durable plywood furniture piece should have almost 9 layers. Moreover, you can choose veneers because they are durable.

If you want to know the chemical toxicity of different wood products, there is no better way than to analyze how much of their surface (and thus how much of the chemical) is exposed. It is true that there are other factors that come into play when analyzing the amount of toxicity in wooden furniture such as how these chemicals have been mixed into the timber and how much you can expose them before they start becoming toxic.

Veneers may be thin or thick with different characteristics. Remember, thick veneers may peel away or separate easily. For this reason, go with thin veneers. Avoid buying a piece made of timber or sawdust composite.

Wood Type

It is another important consideration to choose durable furniture. You can choose between hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is obtained from walnut, maple, mahogany, sandalwood, oak, Sheesham, and teak. Undoubtedly, this wood is more durable than others. The pine tree is famous for its softwood, but you will not get longevity. Feel free to ask about the type of wood from the salesperson. Pine trees are famous for their softwood for furniture, but you will not get longevity. The resin does not make it durable because it has only two sides living which means they can be healthy or unhealthy and damaged. Pine trees’ wood is not durable because the strand is vulnerable so it can cut easily. If there are damages caused by animals, people’s habits such as burning forests and cutting them down, they will die immediately without giving you any chance to repair them.

Finishing of Furniture

Before purchasing furniture, it is essential to observe superficial laminate and ply used in furniture for wear or scratches. The finishing can reveal everything about furniture. Touch the edges and surface of a furniture to find out if they are sleek and smooth.

You can choose natural fabrics, such as leather, wool, cotton blend, or linen over nylon or acrylic. Cotton blend or linen can resist soiling, fading, and wrinkling. Moreover, wool is a durable choice because it is long run and washable. Indeed, leather is a great material, but you have to clean it with a vacuum and leather conditioner.

When verifying a restaurant, one main thing to look at is the cleanliness of the restaurant. This could be a reflection of how the patrons are not careful with what they spill or if there are enough cleaning staff. It is essential to observe superficial laminate and ply used in furniture for wear or scratches. Ply means there are multiple layers of fabric inside the furniture while laminate means that there is only one layer and no fabric on top. The depth of the grain indicates the quality of wood and it is more evident with oak woodwork.

Drawers, Cabinets, and Legs

For chairs and sofas, you have to check joints and legs. Remember, legs must be jointed and made of heavy wood. You can check under the chairs and table to find out joints. Usually, a dovetail or finger joints can make pieces tough. Avoid choosing metal, plastic, or rubber legs because these can spoil your carpet or floor.

Make sure to put pressure on furniture for the wobble test. If you notice a poor balance, furniture is not properly fit. Finally, you have to check the cabinets and drawers. Open them to see if they can slide easily without any hurdle or roughness. The edges should be smooth and rust-free.

After a complete inspection, you should ask about the warranty of furniture for comfort and durability.


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