Travel to Space – Bookings Now Open!


When you hear about space tourism, you probably think of a sci-fi movie or think about a project planned after few decades, but it is not the fact. The idea of space tourism was started by Richard Branson even before Facebook was born.

Yes, the project was started in 2004. Richard Branson started a company called Virgin Galactic to make his dream come true. The project have seen lot of ups and downs in the course, but it has promised that it will be available by 2015. Space Tourism is no longer a dream.

Richard branson

A lot of money has been spent on the research and Richard should wait for the next 18-24 months for his payday. The same company is also working on small satellite launching project and they have succeeded in the trail run of both projects.

The spaceship design have seen two different variants till now, Presently “Spaceship Two” is the model used for the test runs. The satellite launcher has been named “Launcher One”.

Being an adventurer, Richard had crossed Pacific Ocean with a hot air balloon and has made several world records with his adventures. But his thirst for challenging danger has not been settled and now he is looking forward for space.

virgin galactic - space tourism

Being called “The Rebel Billionaire”, he has added his passion and his business in one place. It sounds very adventures to all to board on the spaceship for a tour, but make sure that you belong to millionaire’s club.
You can book your travel to space on Virgin Galactic’s website for $200k or you can join the space travel waitlist for $20k if you’re willing to wait for some more time. You will travel to see the spaceships and be trained for your space travel beforehand.



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