Top 5 websites to help you get through GRE


Going to USA is a dream that most of us have and some of us try to achieve that dream through the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) route. GRE is for getting admitted to the graduation programs all over world especially USA. Most of us try cracking the GRE but all the efforts goes in vain because we don’t get the right training. Internet helps us in overcoming any obstacle related to GRE as there are many resources on the net and some of the most useful ones are as follows:

ETS ( They are the makers of the GRE.


The ETS provides every GRE aspirant with means to ace the examination. For example their PowerPrep II software that actually simulates the real time test environment on your PC and gives a preview of what can be expected on the test day. They even have an Official ETS Guide with some sample problems to make the test taker more comfortable. For cracking the GRE, every student should at least go through the ETS test material.


Magoosh (


They are the online tutors and by far the best in the business of helping students in GRE. They have different ‘Plans and Pricing’ to cater everyone’s need may it specifically be Quant or Verbal section but their ‘Premium’ Plan is the by far the best and offers features like Score Predictor, Practice Tests, etc. They even give you a score guarantee of increasing 5 points on your previous score if you have taken GRE before.


ManhattanPrep (


If you are not a fan of the online tution, then ManhattanPrep is for you. They provide books for Quant and Verbal section (8 in total) that can help you cover that extra mile with techniques and methods beyond imagination. They even have a ‘5lb. Book’ that gives the much desired practice which altogether eventually leads you to the glory.


GRE Edge (


All the above mentioned websites are operated by foreign tutors and if you find yourself uncomfortable with them then GRE Edge is for you. They are the Indian tutors for GRE and just like Magoosh provide you with online tutors to boost your GRE scores. The even have a personal tutor for every student who guides you in every possible way. Apart from regular GRE tutors the have a lot of extra features that actually help you channel your efforts in the right way. Their different plans are very flexible that cover every subset of the GRE aspirants.


Stupidsid (


Once you are done with your preparation, then comes the time when you have to apply for the universities with Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation (LOR), etc. There comes Stupidsid into picture. As funny the name may sound, it is a very competitive website that provide you with counselling help in every way possible. They even do your profile evaluation and give you your possible universities in which you can make the cut. The best part is that the services is free of cost. Amazing! Isn’t it.


GRE is not just an examination but a dream that most of us chase. It gives a kick start to many careers though being a costly affair but really awarding in the long run. If GRE preparation is done in a wise way then this hurdle can be overcome with least effort and with true flying colors, just what is required is a bit of help to get you started.



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