Top 4 Indian School Listing Websites in India


As per a report, in 2013 about 22.9 crore students from Class I to XII, were enrolled in different urban and rural schools of India. There was an increase in the enrollments of 23 lakh students compared to that of last year. With the increasing number of students, the schools are also spreading across the country like wildfire, especially private schools. Therefore, it has become necessary for both the school owners and students to share information that can help both of them in making decisions.

Top School Listing Websites in India

Top School Listing Websites in India

Finding a perfect platform (Website with Database) to get your school listed could sometimes become a time investing misadventure. And for a parent finding a perfect school for his/her child, especially if he/she is not good at analyzing a website, it could be like a task of digging a mountain of information. Then there are hundreds of Indian and thousands of foreign websites that are experts in boasting about their mammoth of a directory. That said, a good find can provide you with right school leads and have immediate communication with them. A website with an extensive suite of directories/database can also assist a vendor in reaching the right businesses and people easily and quickly. Directories help him in sales planning, finding buyers and marketing research for business analysis.

However, there are some listing sites that offer complete school data with contact information to help better connect with the right Institutes and reach millions of students. This database collection could also act as a great resource for those vendors who offer their services or products to schools like study notes, educational videos, applications, software etc.

Top 4 sites that can help you to find the right School or propel
your Schools’ research

EduGorilla has recently earned a name by becoming India’s largest School listing platform. It maintains an
amazing compilation of Schools that will be surpassing a robust figure of 15,00,000 shortly. The data of schools encompasses minute details like teacher-student ratios of different classes, the exact geo-coordinates etc. making the comparison of schools easy.

This cutting-edge website also caters to all the career needs of students. It enjoys over 70,000 study materials, 5,852 articles and about 42 plus partners across 53 cities. Apart from providing some free listing facilities, it also imparts information on competitive exams, preparation strategies, and job opportunities.

Another platform offers one-stop- solution that lends a helping hand to students while selecting a course or a School in India or abroad. It offers information for 14,000+ institutions and 40,000 plus courses. It has a registered database of more than 3.5 million students. This is a marketplace which brings together the education seekers and the education providers. It has a corner called Shiksha café, where Students can ask their career-related questions to experts. It also acts as a directory listing site that brings together the education seekers and the education providers. The site specializes in supplying Information on educational institutes, programs, scholarships and admission notifications for undergraduate programs.

Careers360 is a data-enabled and technology-driven Educational Products and Services Company covering thousands of Schools. Driven by data, tools, and products, it offers 250+ products, from exam preparation to School recommendation. With a user base of over 15 million students every month, it is one of the biggest platforms for educational vendors. It integrates millions of student and institutional data points with the user-generated preferences of its monthly visitors. Here students can explore and make career plans, based on their interests and abilities. Along with educational Products, it enjoys quality content by educationists and academics that help in making informed decisions.

Another major player in this segment is which also maintains Schools listing. It calls itself a non-conventional platform that dedicates itself to delivering quality leads to both vendors and students. The website possesses a repository of thousands of schools. Here the students and vendors can classify colleges sorted by ranking, ratings, fees, cutoff, and location. The algorithm used for data segregation on the website separates the data up to multiple levels. It provides an edge to the clients looking for highly specific and active database.

The above-mentioned directories or listing sites act as carefully compiled compendiums of Schools in India. They supply information related to the quality, infrastructure, fee structure and other related details. Sites like EduGorilla not only ranks the top-quality Schools in India but also carries region-wise detailed profiles of the leading Schools with parameters like the medium of instruction, Financial help/Scholarships, Hostel facilities, Library details etc. Hence, all these parameters are aimed at helping aspiring students and their parents to make an informed admission choices.

Note: The Information in the above-mentioned websites contains School Records (Public Schools,
Private Schools, Central Schools, Army, and others.) You also get to know details such as School Name, Address, City, Phone, Mobile, Email addresses, Website link and other related information.



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