Top Indian Businesses On Instagram That Are A Must Follow



Clinging onto its predominantly young audience, Instagram has managed to woo the Indian crowd to levels beyond expectations. Ever since Instagram was made available, it opened up a world of visual stories to most smartphone users in the country. All that is needed was a smartphone, a data connection and an Instagram account, and your creativity and visual style kicks in to post the most amazing pictures.

The platform with over 400 million users globally has seen a doubled its user base in India in the past year!  

Brands saw a small yet strong opportunity to engage with their consumers; a marketing trend that was kicked started by the rise in smartphone sales in the country.

Companies have captured this essence of Instagram and turned into a business opportunity. This marketing platform has helped companies reach out to so many consumers giving them a chance to interact with customers and promote their products uniquely.

Here are the top Indian Businesses that are narrating visual stories on Instagram one picture at a time.



Paper Boat was one of the few brands who got the privilege to play with Instagram ads in India. Strategy for Paper Boat has focused on spreading awareness for the brand. Though it was used as a marketing platform, it was anything but business like. Unique and creative, paper boat posts beautiful pictures of food and journeys, each have their own story to narrate.



Chumbak, the company that sells eccentric Indian lifestyle products could not ignore Instagram. It became a medium for the brand to tell its story, stories that are tied up with its brand philosophy of ‘Make Happy’, posting pictures of things and situations that makes people happy and somehow manage to tie it up with CHUMBAK products. Pretty smart move!

Now Fans always make it a habit to flaunt their new Chumbak buys on Instagram.

3) OLX


OLX – which is still in its early days on Instagram – understands the uniqueness and the creativity  of the medium and how appealing and intriguing Instagram can be are when compared to others social  networks such as Facebook or Google.



It also helps that beer as a category is one of the more shared content by consumers themselves  on Instagram. Kingfisher is among the few who are making interesting use of Instagram’s grid layout which is a recently launched application with Instagram. . For occasions like October Fest and Beer Appreciation Day, Kingfisher makes sure to share unique and memorable grid visuals like the one in the picture.

If you know about more of these awesome Indian businesses on Instagram who are rocking the channel with their posts do let us know in the comments!



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