Top female condom brands easily available in India


Being naïve in bed is so passé’. ‘Gender equality’ is the theme today and feminists are the rage. Keeping up with this attitude, someone someday thought, ‘if men can wear condoms, why can’t women’? And voila, the female condom was born!

The basic ideology behind the female condom remains the same – a rubber barrier that keeps you from getting knocked up. Though not too popular yet, female condoms are slowly gaining acceptance amongst Indian women.

Because of the limited demand for this product, it isn’t all that easy for Indian women to buy female condoms. Only a handful of manufacturers make this product, and the distribution isn’t as mainstream as male condoms. The numbers are testimony to this fact; the annual manufacturing quantum of male condoms is 500 times higher as compared to female condoms.

Here’s a peek into the ladies world of condoms.

VELVET – Condoms for Women


Velvet is one of the topmost brands making female condoms. With its pinky pink packaging and a woman prancing in a flowy red dress amidst a background of flowers, can we get any more girly?



Unlike other common female condom brands, Confidom is actually manufactured in India. A perfect extension of Modiji’s ‘Make in India’ campaign! With its sleek black packaging, we are going gaga over how elegant a condom box can look.



With love ( in the air, how can Cupid be far behind? While the name sure strikes a chord, we aren’t too glad with the gawky lavender packaging. But as they say, love is blind.. unless you like to do it with the lights on!


Pink hearts on a condom anyone? Yes, please!!!

VA w.o.w is a revolutionary female condom that comes fitted with a rubber pink heart at one end. This heart not only prevents the condom from entering too far into the vagina, it also adds to the female’s pleasure during thrusting. In fact, the company claims that all women using this condom for the fourth time will have a 100 percent orgasm rate. Now if there’s something we girls love more than diamonds and chocolates, it’s a series of good orgasms.



Ormelle sells 5 pre-lubricated condoms in a mauve coloured box. We love the subtle yet metaphoric display of the male and female sex organs in its lettering on the box.

Now that we know what to buy, the next obvious question that arises is where to buy these female condoms?

Top e-commerce retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart sell female condoms. Apart from these, there are speciality ecommerce stores that only sell sex related goodies. Condomking, Condombazaar, Buymecondom and Shykart are some of these places where you can buy female condoms and much more to spice up your sex lives.

After all, why should boys have all the fun?




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