Top 5 Fashion Brands on Facebook in India


Social Media and Fashion share a very uncanny bond. Every now and then, the trends and intricacies of social media changes. The fashion industry also faces a similar trend. Unsurprisingly, they share a very symbiotic relationship. In fact, Fashion labels have been one of the earliest adopters of Social Media since its advent. Brands heavily use Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler and dozens of channels to reach out to a much larger and wider audience. But till now Facebook still rules the roost. International Brands like Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, H&M, and Forever 21 heavily use Facebook and have been quite successful at it. Burberry arguably has set the gold standard for other fashion brands on how to leverage on Facebook. But, how are Indian labels approaching Facebook? Are we going to see any Indian Brand doing a la Burberry or a la Victoria’s Secret in the coming months? Our designers have put together this neat infographic to explore more insights on these questions. Cheggitout!




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