Top Books for GRE Preparation


GRE –  ‘Graduate Record Examination’ is an aspiration for most of the students for higher studies abroad especially USA. It is a hope to better their future and have that necessary kick start to their career. For GRE, a student should be familiar with the basic Quantitative knowledge and advanced English. If both these can be thoroughly prepared then any one can feel optimistic to have success in their GRE. For those who prefer the offline method of preparation, we give you a brief introduction of the top books available for you.

ETS GRE Official Guide – 2nd Edition

A book from the test makers themselves with every piece to your puzzle regarding GRE. It gives you that extra boost to score what you desire in your GRE. It has a very elaborate set of question that you won’t like to miss practicing before giving the actual examination.

Manhattan Prep

A top class GRE preparation material . It consists a set of 8 books that helps you to achieve your target score with ease given that you prepare thoroughly. There are six maths preparation books on topics like Algebra, Geometry, etc. and two verbal preparation books that helps you in your essays, text completion, etc. With every book, you get their online practice tests that can be used as mock tests for GRE preparation.


A premier book publishing house that provides you with the exam study material for GRE. It has books like ‘Kaplan GRE – Math Workbook’, ‘Kaplan GRE – Verbal Workbook’ and many more. It also provides you with the online study center for those who like to have a guided preparation.


Another publishing house that helps you achieve your GRE dream score. Their USP is the price at which they sell and provide their services. It is very less compared to Kaplan. Its material act as a good source of practice for the GRE preparation.

Magoosh GRE


As it is said to save the best for the last, so is Magoosh’s GRE material. They are basically online tutors but they also provide the preparation material like others. So what makes them unique and rather best? The answer is pretty simple that they provide you all their material for free. Yes, it is free and their is no need to subscribe to their online tuition to avail the materials. Their eBook’s on Math Formula’s, Vocab Flashcard’s, etc. are all free.


We wish you the very best in your GRE and hope that the post helped you. If we have missed any of the other GRE books that you find worth mentioning, please comment below.


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