Top 3 Mobile-Based Alternatives to Facebook to Connect with Friends and Family


Facebook changed everyone’s life in one way or the other. They revolutionized the way people talk and interact among each other and ever since its launch is on the apex of any social interaction media. But today with many websites and applications (especially on Android) entering the arena of social networking, there are many alternatives for the users and Facebook is facing a tough competition.

The most impressive that are giving nightmares to Facebook are as follows:

Path, Inc. 


A new kind of application present on the Android platform that helps you connect with your close friends and family. They bar the maximum number of friends to 150 and help each of them connect together more strongly. It gives you a better control over what you want to share and who you want to share it with. It also incorporates the feature to share with other social networks that is a big plus. Unlike Facebook it is ad free. The only disadvantage that many may consider is the maximum number of friends but they do compensate for that with helping us share our life instead of links.


WhatsApp Inc.

Another Android based application that is very popular amongst the teenagers and why won’t it be, it is a beautiful application that incorporates every feature that Facebook has apart from video calling. It is like an Internet based messaging platform that helps you chat with anyone. Just like Facebook, it also follows he concept of making groups and that too with the feature of group chat. They even have profiles for every contact but the most impressive feature of WhatsApp that makes it so popular is that it uses the WiFi or 3G services to connect with no hidden cost. They provide you with capabilities such as sending and receiving audio notes, messages, pictures and video messages not only Nationally but even Internationally at no extra cost. Beat that!




We all hear about Instagram but many of us are really not aware of what it is. Instagram helps you share your life with your friends and family in the form of pictures or videos. It helps you filter your pictures or videos as per your requirement and shares it with everyone. It also have feature of sharing the photos with the other social networking site like Twitter, Tumblr, etc. So it truly defines that ‘Picture speaks louder than the Words’.


Though all the listed alternatives provide a unique experience and unlike Facebook gives you a better control on your sharing capabilities. With time as these alternatives grow and expand, they will slowly but surely edge out Facebook from its apex position.




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