Top 6 Translation Apps for Windows Mobile Phone


In today’s world of globalization, we cannot stick to just one or two foreign languages to be in the competition. But is it possible for a person to know all the languages? Obviously, the answer would be No, it is almost impossible to know all the languages.

So what can be the possible solution for the problem? One of the easiest solutions of the problem is to have good translation software that can be carried along with us all the time. One possible way to do this is by having a translation app in your mobile phone, as a mobile phone is something that is carried along with us almost all the time.

Here is the list of Top 5 Translation Apps for Windows Mobile Phone, which would do the needful and provide a better support for your business and global relationship:

1. Bing translator

Bing translator is an app developed by the Microsoft Bing. It is extremely easy to use and has a remarkably accessible working mechanism, just point the camera towards the text in another language and the app will translate the text in almost no time. The app can also be used with spoken text by the voice-recognition software of phone, or just type the text, and translate it in another language.

The voice translation service will always need the network connection. For other services provided by the app, you can easily download and save the languages and the phrase book for the later use when network connection is not available.

2. iTranslator

iTranslator provides the option to translate the text by taking reference from two most widely used search engines that are, Google and Bing, to avoid any chance of error. This app currently supports fifty languages. One outstanding feature about the app is that, it allows the user to share the translated result by SMS, and e-mails.

3. Voice translator

Although voice translator app has a limited functionality in comparison to the other apps, but it cannot be ignored as it provides a superior support to the voice recognition and TTS capabilities. One thing that should be kept in mind is that, the app would require the network connection in order to translate the voice into the desired language.

4. Travel Translator

This app support over thirty languages and also provides a way to store the history about the translated words and phrases. The features and support to a wide range of languages makes this app a must have for the travelers.

5. Translate This

This app lets the user translate the words, and phrases in the desired language with an option to save them as favorites. The latest version of the app supports twenty-five languages and provides a facility to copy the text from the history and favorites. If you want an app that can provide translation using multiple search engines, then Translate This is a perfect app for you.

By having any of the above listed apps in your windows phone; you are free to go anywhere, without worrying about the language problem which could be annoying without these translation apps. 

6. one2one

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