6 Differences between Recruitment and HR


Recruitment and HR are very often misunderstood by people to mean more or less the same thing. But, this is not so. They are two different aspects of any industry. Read on to understand the differences between recruitment and HR.

  1. The role of a HR begins with the new employee’s first day of work while the work of a recruiter ends on the new employee’s first day at work.

The role of a HR is to ensure proper communication is maintained between the employee and the employer and any concerns of the employee are addressed and attended to. On the other hand, the recruiter is more interested in getting the candidate an employment and his job ends the moment the candidate wears the employed tag.

  1. Recruitment can involve in-house recruiters or external agencies. HR processes are handled purely by in-house HR departments of companies.

Recruitment processes are sometimes outsourced to external agencies so that companies can focus on other aspects of running the business. The same doesn’t hold good for human resource management processes since these are completely handled by the in-house HR department of every company, however large the company may be.

  1. In any company, the HR person has more authority than the recruitment personnel.

Since the HR’s role is related to ensuring employees are doing their job and company policies are maintained, it is a role of more authority than a recruiter’s whose job it is to simply ensure that vacancies are filled in the organization.

  1. The recruiter normally works by co-ordinating with the HR.

Very often, the work of a recruiter requires him/her to interact with the HR, understand the requirements of the company, and then look out for suitable candidates. On the other hand the HR person interacts with other senior managers and employees to keep the company running smoothly.

  1. An HR person gets the employee to fit into the culture of the organization while a recruiter sees if the person is the right fit for the organization.

HR people normally try to get the employee adjusted to the culture of the organization and make him/her comfortable in the organization. On the other hand, the recruiter screens the candidate to see if he/she fits into a particular organization.

  1. HR is a superset of recruitment.

Many a times, the HR department gets involved in the recruitment process as well. This happens in some companies who do not outsource the recruitment process to an external agency and instead handover the responsibility of the recruitment process to the HR department.

After reading this post, I hope most of your doubts regarding recruitment and HR are cleared.

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