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From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from hill stations thousands of feet above sea level to beautiful beaches that soothen your soul, from dessert sand and dues to the rich thick dense green forests of the western ghats, from  ancient heritage buildings and temples to modern cities with parties and fashion that take you to the next level, India is an enchanting diverse country to visit and explore. Such a hugely diverse country does require a little guidance for high spirited new travellers that seek to experience the best adventures of their lives and who does a better job than our travel bloggers who take us through their journey across India and convey the true sense of India and its culture  in the most inspiring way.

Here is a list of the top 5 travel bloggers that give you the best guidance on travel, exploration and adventure as they unravel the hidden destinations in India and around the globe and take you on a fascinating journey with their stories and photographs .

1. Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal - Travel Bloggers - Durofy

Anuradha is an Innovation Consultant by profession, travel blogger and a passionate reader. Having lived in many cities, she has been blogging for more than 8 years. She gives a lot of information about some of major Indian cities and their Rich heritage and culture.  She is also the author of The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India. Her blog was rated ‘50 best blogs on travel around the world’.

Her travel stories are listed on her blog called Inditales.

2. Siddhartha Joshi

siddhartha joshi - travel blogger - durofy

Siddhartha is a product designer by profession,  with a passion for traveling and sharing his travel experiences. He was Nominated for the Indian Blogger awards. He travels with a motto and  believes that we live only once and we need to make the most of life. And he does make the most of his life by travelling all around the world, wandering off to places that we possibly wouldn’t  have even known existed.

An amazing photographer, his photos captures stories and experiences. Travelling, trekking and photography is what Siddhartha is highly passionate about. His travel blogs with his photos narrate a hidden story and experience that just seems beautiful.

3. Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath - Travel Blogger - Durofy

A media professional and a passionate traveller, this multi talented woman is a traveler, blogger and also a photographer. Nominated for Indian blogger awards, Lakshmi is a well-known Indian travel blogger and photographer through her blog. She travels across the globe and within India too. She loves exploring the little villages and temples of India that are hidden and unexplored. In 2008, her blog was voted India’s best travel blog of the year. In 2014, she made it to the international travel scenario by being featured as one of the 100 travellers to follow on social media.

Check out Lakshmi’s travel blog :

4. Sankara

Sankara - Travel Blogger - Durofy

A renowned travel blogger of India, this blogger has been featured in the top international and domestic travel brands. Sankara is  an adventurous globetrotter who has travelled round the globe and aced all the 7 continents.. His love for travel and photography is next level. He started blogging in 2009 as travelling was a passionate hobby. He transformed his passion into a full fledged career. His blog is considered as one of the top 50 blogs in India and his photographs and travel articles have been featured in National Geographic Traveller India Magazine, Deccan Chronicle newspaper.

His travel and photography blog ‘Be on the road’ is amazing.

5. Shivya Nath


Shivya Nath is a young female Indian travel writer on a quest to discover the hidden destinations of India. She wants to explore the unexplored.. She is on a mission to motivate young women who wish to travel solo and be independent. In 2013, she received the ‘The best travel blogger’ award. She left her corporate life and took up her passion of travelling as a full fledged career.  Shivya has been to more than 20 countries across four continents. Her stories and adventures are intriguing,and truly inspiring.

Her blog ‘Shooting Star’ :

We hope this inspired you enough to get your bag packing.

There’s just one life to live, let’s make the most of it.

Happy travel goals to all the readers!



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