Top 5 Horror Games Of 2022


Over the years, we have seen some fantastic horror games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Outlast, Resident Evil, and more. 2022 does not disappoint. 

On this spooky day of All Hallows’ Eve, take a look at the top 5 horror games of 2022!


One of the most highly-acclaimed games of the year, The Mortuary Assistant is the perfect start to this list. In this demonic mystery, you take an apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary, having just completed your degree in mortuary sciences. You aid the Mortician in his day-to-day activities, learning the embalming process and caring properly for the deceased. However, one night, things take a turn for the worse, and you discover that terrible rumours are in fact, true..

Plenty of jumpscares, an engrossing plot and banishing demons to save your soul…The Mortuary Assistant is the perfect horror game to chill your bones and send a shiver down your spine!


Any horror fan knows the lore of the Backrooms. What started off as a creepypasta has now evolved into a full-fledged universe. It is said that you can enter the Backrooms if you no-clip out of reality. ‘No-clipping’ out of reality is a video game term which refers to players being able to pass through physical barriers that would otherwise block their path. The Backrooms were popularized after the internet started writing horror stories and creating memes about them.

Today, the Backrooms are said to be “an endless maze of randomly generated office rooms and other environments”. Out of the scores of games created on this topic, Escape The Backrooms by Fancy Games caught my eye. It is a 1-4 person co-op horror game, where you can traverse through eerie, unsettling rooms and avoid dangerous entities. 

With its proximity voice chat feature, playing with friends is even more thrilling, and every person playing must find an exit for the team to escape. We leave no man behind!  


Endoparasitic is a survival horror game where you are required to manually perform every action. In this tactical adventure, three of your limbs have been ripped off, leaving you with one arm which you use to drag yourself through the corridors of a secret research lab. Did I mention the lab is on a remote asteroid? With just one arm, you must fight off terrible monsters, vaccinate yourself constantly and strategize your movements to avoid gettings swarmed.

The art style is minimalistic, but the gore is apparent, and this thrilling game will be perfect for those who love violence and horror packaged together!

As your character in the game is one-handed, your gameplay is also “one-handed”. Everything is controlled by your mouse. Another great touch added by the developers is that your health bar in the game is a parasite burrowing into your brain.

Incredibly creative with its gunplay and mechanics, Endoparasitic is a definite adrenaline rush.


Inspired by classic 8-bit gaming and reminiscent of games such as Ao Oni and Corpse Party, Faith: The Unholy Trinity is a pixel horror game, following a young priest whose faith is weakening. Look beyond the battles against demons and crazy cultists to explore deeper messages in this eerie adventure. 

In this game, you use a crucifix to exorcise unholy spirits. Do not be fooled by the pixel graphics! You will fight back against crazed and possessed cultists, cleanse tainted areas and objects and investigate demonic possession. The low graphics actually work for the game, making it appear deceptively simple, but leaving a lasting impression. 

Play Faith: The Unholy Trinity for clever puzzles, effective visuals and of course, the Antichrist. 


Choo Choo Charles is an upcoming open-world survival horror game. In this shooter game, trade with settlers in exchange for high-powered weapons, complete missions to find scraps to upgrade your train, and take on bloodthirsty Charles in a duel to the end- if you have gained enough strength and firepower, you will prevail! 

All the horror games mentioned above are available on the Steam store! Do check them out, and if Indie games are something that interests you, take a glance at this list!

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