Top 5 Freelance Websites to Get Freelance Work


There are a number of online platforms available on the web where employers interact with job seekers for full-time, part-time and contractual jobs. Freelancing jobs are in high demand nowadays and are being preferred by the job seekers because of work-related comfort and high compensation associated with them.

Freelancer can actually earn more than an employee who is working onsite in a full time employment. Also, there is no limitation of working hours and the best thing is that one can do the job from the comfort of home.

Website No. 1


a)      About

This is one of the world’s largest outsourcing websites. Millions of freelancers from around 234 countries and regions are registered on the website.

b)      Project Categories

A number of freelance projects are available on the website. These projects are organized in a number of categories viz. Science, Marketing, Design, Sales, IT, Writing, Legal services, Engineering etc.

c)       Fees

Registration on the website is free of cost. Freelancers need to pay 10% commission ($5) after they have accepted a project.

d)      Pay Rate

Freelance projects on the website start at $30. The average pay rate of the project is under $200.

e)      Concept

Sign up on the website and choose the projects you are interested in doing. Place your bid on the project and you can start the project if you win it. There are different kinds of projects viz. full time, part-time, contractual and fixed term.

Some projects are hourly based where freelancers are paid based on the number of hours they have worked. After completing projects, freelancers also get reward points and credit points which they can use for purchasing the projects.

Also, after the tasks have been completed by the freelancers, they reach reward levels and get experience points on the basis of which their chances of getting the project are increased. Freelancers are also awarded badges after they have achieved certain accomplishments.

f)       Contact Details
Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf
26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales
Australia 2009
ACN 134 845 748

One can also contact by filling up an online form here.

Website No. 2 Guru


a)      About

Guru is one of the world’s best online market place for hiring freelancers. Around one million users are using across the world.

b)      Project Categories

There are different categories in which projects are posted by the employers. These include Website & Ecommerce, Programming & Databases, Writing, Editing & Translation, Graphic Design & Multimedia, Sales & Telemarketing etc.

c)       Concept

Freelance projects are of two types viz. hourly projects and fixed price projects. Freelancers need to prepare an online portfolio that displays their skills and talents. They are required to submit a proposal, collaborate and communicate with the employer and need to win the bid.

The proposal should clearly state the enthusiasm for work and should include a project quote. For those who are freshers, they can submit a premium proposal and reach at the top of list of freelancers.

d)      Pay

Freelancers are paid via SafePay system which is a safest payment method. Different modes of payments available on the website are direct deposit, wire transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

Website No. 3 Peopleperhour


a)      About

This is an online platform where freelancers and employers can interact. Around 3 lakh freelance professionals have been registered on the website. Around 1.5 lakh jobs have been posted on the site by various employers.

b)      Project Categories

The famous categories on the website are data entry, wordpress themes, programming, logos, copywriting, video editing and web design etc. Projects are hourly based as well as fixed price based. The projects can be done remotely or onsite in India.

c)       Pay Rate

The average hourly pay rate on the website is $34 per hour.

d)      Concept

Freelancers are required to build up their profiles on the website. They can send 15 proposals on monthly basis for free.

Website No. 4 ifreelance


a)      About

Thousands of freelancers are registered on the website.

b)      Project Categories

Various project categories include Accounting / Finance, Administrative Support, Business Consulting, Engineering / Architecture, Graphic Design / Multimedia, Legal and Marketing / Advertising / Sales.

c)       Concept

One can either submit bids for projects or directly contact the advertisers by searching the database. Though it is a free of cost service, one can also upgrade the account for premium membership that has enhanced features.

d)      Fees

No fee is charged; neither from employer nor from freelancer. Thus, it is a better deal of earning for both sides. There are no transaction fees either.

e)      Contact Details

Email ID:

iFreelancer can also be contacted by filling up an online form here.


Monday to Friday,

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT (except major holidays)]

Website No. 5


a)      About

It was started in 1999 and is basically a UK based company. However, clients source the freelancers outside the UK as well. Dan Winchester, Andy Stowell and Paul Smith are owners and operators of this website.

b)      Project Categories

Various categories of projects are freelance web designers, freelance graphic designers, freelance copywriters, freelance web developers, freelance search engine optimisation, freelance illustrators, freelance technical writers, freelance writing jobs and freelance design jobs etc.

Permanent positions are not accepted on the website. And, almost all the freelance projects are meant for UK based freelancers.

c)       Contact Details Ltd.
4 The Mount

Freelancers can also contact by filling up the online form here.



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