Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity


Are you the “super organized” kind of person? Or the one who is constantly switching tabs to work on a million different things, all at once? Whichever category you may belong to, we have in store for you 5 Chrome extensions that will increase your productivity ten-fold. Or more, maybe? You’ll never know until you’ve tried them!

Evernote Web Clipper


The Evernote Web Clipper is an application that lets you clip articles or portions of articles from the web so that you can access them later. This is extremely handy because the clips are retained even if the original gets modified or removed.


Any.Do is another application that lets you plan your day, share files, delegate tasks, and a host of other things which you wouldn’t have thought possible. You can even add recurring tasks so that you do not have to update them on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or whatever frequency you choose.

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Pocket is an application which lets you save articles from the Web, for you to read later. This doesn’t disrupt your schedule and you’ll still be able to read pieces you found interesting. There are other features as well which make Pocket a useful application to help your productivity get a boost.



Augment is a Chrome extension which you can use to easily integrate all your applications like Evernote, Dropbox, and others with your Gmail inbox. This makes it easier for you to access these applications without moving out of your inbox. Augment makes accessing different applications easy. And as they say it, Augment is the “Email productivity tool that works.”



Wunderlist is another productivity booster. With this app, you can collaborate on lists and share messages with whoever you wish to. Also, Wunderlist lets you converse or communicate with those whom you have shared notes with. Apart from these, you also get notifications and reminders.

Using these five tools, you will definitely see an increase in your productivity at work. If you know of more tools which help improve your productivity at work, feel free to leave us a comment below.


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