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Agatha Christie was one of the most famous novelists of her time. She was most renowned for her murder fiction genre which comprised of 66 detective novels and 14 short stories. She wrote under the pen name of Mary Westmacott 6 romances, but she was well known for her murder fiction particularly. Having surpassed several difficulties in her childhood, including her father’s early death, she rose to be one of the best English crime writers in history. She had some very famous detective characters, namely Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, the former being the most renowned fictitious detective character second to only Sherlock Holmes. Such was the web of stories Agatha used to weave around her stories. Let us look at some of Agatha Christie’s best of her collection.

1. And Then There Were None (1939)

This novel was one of the most impactful novels written by Agatha Christie, and was one of her best masterpieces. In the plot, 10 people who don’t know each other land up in the same island, with someone controlling them, unknown. One by one, each of them gets killed and the tale lasts for a nail biting end.

And Then There Were None

2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)

This is Agatha Christie’s best and most controversial novel. It has a very innovative twist in the end, which clearly shows Agatha Christie’s mastery in plots, creating characters and juggling with them. This novel revolves around the famous fictitious Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

3. Peril at End House (1932)

This story marks one of spewing surprising ending stories. The protagonist, Nick Buckley, goes to Mon. Hercule Poirot with the complaint that someone is allegedly trying to kill her, with a lot of motive. The detective’s entry creates a whole deal of drama including intricate links of inheritances and wills. An interesting story indeed !

Peril at End House

4. Death on the Nile (1937)

This book was by far Agatha Christie’s most popular book which was also simulated into a movie. This plot became the stirring stone for a lot of other books and mysteries to come by, and again starred the detective Hercule Poirot. The majority of the proceedings take place on the Nile and the narrations are juicy, making the book a comfortable vacation read ! Do not miss this one !

Death on the Nile

5. Sad Cypress (1940)

This story highlights Agatha’s abilities to perceive a story from different view points, and culminating the entire investigation in the form of Hercule Poirot. Being a convoluted story plot but a rather simple solution, Agatha explains why we overlook simplistic answers and solutions to such problems. A very interesting and time worthy read !

Sad Cypress


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