Top 5 Apps to use HTML in your Facebook Profile


It sounds really sad that you cannot use html in Facebook when you know so much of it, doesn’t it?

Well, nothing is impossible… You can always add boxes on your profile & use whatever code you want inside them.

Even though facebook does try to modify your html, but most of it comes out the way you want it to be… Other than animated gif’s & a few other execptions, you can do a lot with html for your facebook profile.

The first thing that you would need is an app that lets you enter html profile boxes & tabs.

Here is a list of just that…

Top 5 Apps to use HTML in your facebook profile


HTML Profile Box

My Info

Profile HTML


Profile Box

The top 2 are almost the same. Its just the name which gets Profile Box to the top of the list. These are really useful if you need 2 boxes on your profile. You can use both of them. The others are as good but it really depends on how you want to use them.

The catch here is that you cannot change the name of the box on your profile. I got two favorite bands. So i need two boxes. Hence, i used both Profile HTML & Profile Box.

Ok, now the second thing you might need is some basic knowledge of FBML(like HTML, it is the Facebook markup language). Check out my next post for more on FBML. Till then…Have fun with those cool apps!

And if you’re wondering how I got the music… thats exactly what FBML is for!



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