Top 5 Android Apps for Listening to Audiobooks


If you are a lover of books but do not have the space for a bookshelf to accommodate your never ending stream of books, then audiobooks are what you should be looking at. Here we bring to you the top 5 apps in the Android market which you can use to listen to audiobooks.

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LibriVox Audio Books Free

LibriVox Audio Books is an Android app with over 15,000 audio books available for free. These are audio books which have been recorded by volunteers. The genres of books available span across world literature, history, short stories, self-help, etc. There is a search option where you can search for books by title, genre, author, by keyword, etc. These audio books can either be streamed online or downloaded so that you can listen to them at your convenience.


Smart Audio Book Player

The Smart Audio Book Player is a free Android app which lets you listen to audio books that have already been downloaded on your phone. This doesn’t come with audiobooks already loaded. Similar to music players, the Smart Audio Book Player plays audiobooks which you can listen to while you are busy with other work. This is one of the most highly rated Android apps for listening to audiobooks.


Audible is an Android app with over 150,000 audio books to choose from. The number of audiobooks available for download on Audible covers a wide spectrum of authors, book categories, subjects, etc. The app offers various features to make the experience of listening to audiobooks and multitasking enjoyable.



OverDrive is another Android audiobook player that you can use to listen to audiobooks. In OverDrive, you can borrow books similar to how you would borrow from a physical library. What’s more interesting is that you can even stream videos from your library using the OverDrive player. If you have to stop listening to a book for some reason, you can always take off from there the next time, since you can mark the place where you left off. There are more features to make your experience of listening to audiobooks more enjoyable.


The Android app Scribd also has a variety of audiobooks to choose from, apart from regular ebooks. If you thought you could only read on Scribd, then this is some good news for all you people who rely on audiobooks rather than paper backs. There are a lot of features to make listening to audiobooks a pleasant experience.



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