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Avenues for learning have diversified in the past decade manifold. Apart from learning stuff conventionally from schools, students have been given the opportunity to grasp additional knowledge from online resources in the Internet. E-Learning has revolutionized education to a major extent and helps in rendering a beautiful, intuitive and holistic experience to the learning process. There are many sites which cater to the needs of students, right from the school, high school level to the college level as well. Earlier, the Internet could function solely as a repository of information, but now it has metamorphosed into a place where a bidirectional exchange of information could take place. The Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) have been successful in giving the students an excellent learning experience. Let us examine some other unexplored sites which help in giving some useful resources to the student community as a part of the collaborative learning experience.


Solvers Market

This is a website, originally in its Beta stage, where people ask doubts in an online discussion forum, and people answer them. A rating system for the difficulty level of each of the questions is installed, and the person who answers it gains the points. There are prizes for those who gain high points, but ultimately the main outlook is solving doubts and to dissipate the right knowledge in the right way.


Solvers Market

Your Math Guru


This is a recent website owned by Mr. Alejandro Argimon, and is one of the top running Mathematics community pages overall. It has a wonderful interface and permits us to ask questions. There are some quite active ‘Math Gurus’ who cater to these questions, which makes it a very smooth process. Do check it if you want some really quick answers on some tough questions!



Your Math Guru



This is a wonderful site for all Math, Physics and Computer Science enthusiasts who can’t get their hands off any questions. Keep exploring new concepts, cracking new questions, and win prizes if you are competent enough to reach the top ! A very good site for practicing loads of questions, or probably just to wile away your time productively.

The Learning Point Community


This is a repository of information for budding undergraduates and IIT aspirants. This also has a huge database of information ‘mined’ for the ICSE and ISC examinations. Managed and owned by Mr. Prashant Bhattacharji, this site also has a good set of problems for the CS/EE favourites. Don’t miss this one !


The Learning Point Community


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