Top 4 Online Food Ordering Services in Chennai


No idea to cook your food? Or too tired to cook or even go out to get food? How often have you wondered it would be great to get food on click of the mouse from restaurant of your choice? Earlier there was saying “food is something which computer can’t provide. Other than that everything is got from computer.” Today, that statement has been proven wrong. Just a click with your mouse is enough to get food at your doorstep. Internet and laziness (you heard me right!) has pulled the food industry into online world. Apart from those usual pizza joints and restaurants that have online facility, few services have started to help us facilitate in online ordering from restaurant of our choice. Listed are the top 4 online food ordering services in Chennai.


This service was started few years ago. Many restaurants have tied up with this service for home delivering of their food. You can select the restaurants working along with dinein based on the cuisine. You can also select restaurants nearby to you if you need food to be delivered very quickly. Their minimum time taken for deliver is 45 minutes. The delivery is done by the dinein service. All you have to do check out the menu and order your items. You can either opt for cash on delivery or choose to pay online.  There is a delivery charge you have to pay along with the charge of the food. But if you are order in huge the delivery charge would be very less to nil. After your order has been placed, they call up to confirm the items. The next call would be from your doorstep. You can also reach them at 044-49101010.




Hungrychennai  was started few months ago. They have made few restaurants from each area to join hands with their service though not many restaurants from many areas are found in their website. As of now they help is selecting a restaurant nearby to you and check out for home delivery or take away. The menu of the selected restaurant is available with them in updated manner. Regarding delivery, the restaurant is responsible for that. This website just acts like a platform to help with online ordering. Service can be reached at 7845171717. Once you place your order you get a call from hungrychennai to confirm the order. Later the restaurant calls you for delivering.




Very similar to the above service but was started before Hungrychennai. They don’t do the delivery but unlike the other service this service accepts online payment through net banking or credit or debit cards along with COD. only accepts cash on delivery. Since this service has been started quite some time ago, it covers many places across Chennai. It lists out restaurants in chosen place and also there is way to check on restaurants delivering to your place even though it is not located exactly at your area. This service also facilitates for bulk orders but they should be placed some 2 or 3 days in advance.



Gograb was started to reduce the time one would waste if they walk in to restaurant for picking up delivery. This service has tied up with restaurants, such that people can view the menu and place the order. The appropriate time for takeaway will be conveyed. All one has to do is go at the prescribed time and collect your food. Nowadays they take order even for delivery. But this service doesn’t do the delivery. It is the responsibility of the restaurant. Mostly this service covers restaurants in the south and west Chennai.  Since they assume cash on delivery leads to ambiguity, they only orders where payment is made online. So make sure you want the order or else if cancelled, the money will be returned only after 3 days to your account. This service has a Facebook page to attend all queries which also carries details of current offer and can be reached at 044-42012386. Also available as app in google play.


These kinds of services have just started in Chennai. In few more years there would be many more services like these to feed the stomachs of Chennai people.



    • My bad I guess. I never heard about it before reading your comment. Anyway this field is growing up quickly and soon there would be a huge list for online food ordering.

  1. Very informative article.. online food order is coming up well in chennai. i ve tried dinein and hungrychennai. follow ups in hungrychennai was great

  2. Thanks..i was finding the list of online delivery sites in chennai :)

    i never know about to include here

    Hope comes to chennai as they are having good experience in this field


    • Yummybay seems to be good. But I din’t find it great. For some of the restaurants, the menu wasn’t available. For some the menu card was shown and to order a call has to be placed with the restaurant. These sounded like a great confusion to me and hence I din’t include it in this article.

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