Top 4 Google Chrome To-do List Extensions to Organize Tasks


In the online world full of distractions, it is easy to get sidelined from the task at hand. With so much to do and so little time, we tend to forget tasks before they are performed. This is where a Task Manager application comes to rescue. Most task managers not only allow you to set tasks but also let you add reminders and mark websites and blogs as “things to be done”. A task manager surely makes life a little easier.

So here’s a look at the top Chrome extensions to help you stay organized.

Todoist : To-Do list and Task Manager

With this plug-in, you can create to-do lists with recurring dates using the built in calendar, create sub-tasks within a project, view tasks from any android phone or i-phone. It also lets you add emails and articles on blogs and websites as tasks.


Pros : Creating sub tasks, sync feature, adding emails and blog articles as tasks

Cons : None!

Chrome Extension : Download Link

Add Tasks to Do It (Tomorrow)

Add Tasks to Do It (Tomorrow) is a super fast to-do list. It has a very simple interface and makes it easy to add tasks in a simple manner. The only downside is that although it lets you add tasks in a simple manner but to see the pending tasks you have to open a new window.


Pros : Simplicity, ease of use

Cons : New window needs to be opened for taking a look at pending tasks, no option to add links

Chrome Extension : Download Link

To Do List

To Do List is a chrome extension which allows you to drag/drop items in the list. It also displays the number of items in the list. You can use hash tags/labels to highlight important keywords. It also offers three themes. The only problem with this To Do List is that it does not sync with Chrome. It doesn’t allow you to edit the tasks either.

to do list

Pros : Simple and effective

Cons : No option to sync, no editing facility

Chrome Extension : Download Link Extension is a useful plugin. With a beautiful interface, it allows you to drag and drop tasks, keep all your to do’s in sync and even create notes with an option to use them as sub tasks. It also lets you add reminders to ensure you never miss out on a thing. It also has gmail integration.


Pros : Offers reminders

Cons: Erratic sync, difficult to create notes as sub-tasks

Chrome Extension : Download Link


Todoist is the best Google chrome extension hands down. It offers a lot of advantages over the other extensions like creating sub tasks, sync feature, adding emails and blog articles as tasks etc. If you like things simple, then use To do list.


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