Top 3 Reasons Why San Francisco is a Great City to Build Your Business


San Francisco is a known tourist magnet with the city’s breath-taking ocean views and the Golden Gate Bridge. If you want to start a business in San Francisco and the Bay Area, now is the right time. 

Apart from the tourist spots and high availability of office space for rent San Francisco, here are other reasons why you should consider building your business in San Francisco. 

The City Never Sleeps

San Francisco, nicknamed as the Bay Area, has a beautiful bay where tourists and locals gather any time of the day. And just like New Orleans, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other busy cities of the world, San Francisco doesn’t turn into a pumpkin even after midnight. 

The city works around the clock. As such, people can go dancing, dining, watch a movie, or stroll any time of the day. If you’re planning to put up your business in San Francisco, you can consider these patterns in consumer behavior and base the kind of business you’ll be offering on it. 

And with all these activities and attractions, after a busy day at work, you can calm down by watching the fog roll out of the bay. Also, the city has a vibrant urban setting, complemented by a temperate climate and fair weather. These are excellent conditions for both business owners and their customers. 

The city’s stable business climate can also easily attract new businesses and make established ones thrive. If you want to cash in on the city’s shared economy, now is the right time to do so. 

Great Incentives for Businesses  

Another reason why the city has an increasing number of seekers of office space for rent in San Francisco is the fact that it offers many incentives to business owners and developers. These incentives come in the form of tax credits and payroll tax exclusions. 

In San Francisco, a clean technology company can enjoy a maximum of the 10-year payroll tax exclusion. Also, businesses with less than 100 employees can get exempted from the payment of payroll taxes. Business owners who compensate their employees with stock incentives are also eligible for payroll tax exclusions up to a certain threshold. 

Great Transportation Infrastructure 

In the past, San Francisco’s commuting public used buses and quaint cable trolleys as their means of transportation. Then again, in 1960, the city’s transportation system expanded to include interconnected ground and air systems. 

While other US cities struggled with the frayed or outdated mass transit system, San Francisco has successfully placed all transportation detail in its proper places. They have MUNI; it’s a municipal railway system that runs 24/7, to cater to nocturnal and daytime passengers. 

Aside from MUNI, they also have an extensive commuter railway system called BART that connects all points and terminals in the city. People who work in Silicon Valley can commute every day with the daily rail service that runs between San Jose and San Francisco. 

Finding an Office Space in San Francisco

Now that you know the reasons why San Francisco is a great place to start or grow a business, it’s time to meet with the property providers who can help you find the right spot for your business. 

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