Top 3 Online Survey Websites That Really Pay


You must have come across a number of websites that claim they pay for surveys you take. But when you register on these websites and complete the surveys, you get nothing but feel unhappy about wasting your time and getting nothing in return. These sites make false claims and nothing.

Fortunately there are some websites that are dedicated towards the person who does surveys and have sincerity in paying the earned money as well. Below are some of the websites that pay after reaching the minimum threshold level. Once you reach the redeem limits, you can withdraw those points for money.

Top 3 Online Survey Websites That Really Pay

Website No. 1: GobalTestMarket



Global test market is an online survey website where users participate in surveys which are further used for global market research. This ultimately influences the development of consumer products and services. It was founded in 1999 and is powered by GMI which one of the leading providers of market research.

Area Covered

Globaltestmarket is available in around 49 countries and is being used by consumers from all over the world.


Surveys are emailed directly on the user’s account. It takes around 15-20 minutes to participate in surveys. User should first complete profile surveys on the basis of which he or she gets shortlisted for market research surveys. Every completed survey makes the user earn market points.

After reaching 1000 market points (50$), he or she can redeem them to earn cash or rewards. Even if one is screened out of the surveys one can receive minimum market points available for completing each survey. These market points get expired after 12 months or three years from the date of award. User can redeem these points for cash which they received via check. One can also earn market points by referring Globaltestmarket to friends. For the first survey completed by your referred friend, you would get 20 market points.

Sweeptakes Entry

User also gets sweeptakes entry from every survey completed by him or her. It is awarded on daily or quarterly basis. Sweeptakes entries winners are contacted directly via email to claim cash prize.

Mobile Accessibility

The Globaltestmarket website can be accessed from mobile by downloading mobile application. It can be obtained from by entering email id where link to download the app is sent.

Website No. 2: ThePanelStation



The panel station is an online community of consumers who participate in online surveys related to products and services. These surveys are taken for the purpose of market research. Users participate in the online surveys by sharing thoughts and opinions about the products and services they use. It is based in Bangalore and is owned by Borderless Access Panels Pvt. Ltd.

Area Covered

The panel station is used by a number of consumers across the world for sharing opinions about products and services. The service of panel station is available in countries like China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Turkey and South Africa.

Kind of Surveys Available

There are a number of surveys available for the consumers. These include a wide variety of topics like Healthcare, Consume & Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Information Technology and Travel & Tourism.


Become a member, participate in online surveys and receive reward points. These points can be redeemed for a number of services like purchasing gifts, items, vouchers and cash as well.

One can do online shopping, by recharging zipcash or flipkart using it, from websites like, and etc. The online surveys are received via emails from email id.

Rewards Points

The panel station offers 20 reward points for participating in the surveys. So, even if the consumers are screened out of particular surveys, they would get at least 20 points for participation. Usually, the surveys last for ten to 20 minutes.

The price range for participating in the surveys is 100 points (Rs 100) to 5000 points (Rs 500). Redemption of 2000 points is required at the first time but afterwards one can redeem even 100 points. Redeemed points are provided during the 1st or 2nd week of the month.

Redeem Options

A number of options are available for redeeming the reward points earned by taking online surveys. These options include cash money, donation to charity, purchasing gifts or coupons, purchasing movies or CDs etc.



















Website No. 3:



Getcounted is a consumer website which is managed by Juxtconsult. It has head office in New Delhi and is one of the leading research company of india. It conducts a number of surveys related to purchasing products and services. Surveys are also based upon the consumers’ behaviours and their purchasing preferences.


By participating in more surveys and polls as well as completing profiles, users are eligible for a chance to win cash prizes. It is just like a lucky draw. Those who participate in daily polls and at least one survey in a month are eligible for a chance to win Rs 5000/- and more per survey.

Winners are notified via email and their names also get displayed on the website. There are 7 polls on a daily basis and by participating in one poll, user gets entry into the prize draw.


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