Top 3 App Lockers for Android


So, you have an Android phone and you have a lot of apps. Also, you have a lot of data which is either confidential or you don’t want it to be accessed by others. So, what do you do? You need to lock these apps, simple! On your Android phone, you can install app lockers which will help you lock individual apps with passwords, or patterns, or in other ways depending on the features of the app locker. Here, we bring to you top 5 app lockers for Android phones.

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AppLock is a free Android app which lets you lock apps individually on your phone. You can lock a host of apps that you have on your phone. Another striking feature about AppLock is the feature of being able to select a few photos from the gallery and lock them. This lets only you view these select photos after unlocking the folder using the PIN keypad.

You can download the app here –

Smart AppLock (App Protector)


This is another free Android app which lets you lock apps individually with different passwords for each app. You can also create a profile in the Smart AppLock. The unique feature of Smart AppLock is that if an intruder tries to unlock the app and is unsuccessful in doing so, a photograph of the intruder is taken and immediately mailed to the registered email.

You can download the app here –

Folder Lock


Folder Lock is a free Android app locker which lets you lock folders individually or individual apps. You can also password protect files, audio and video which you deem sensitive or private and many other apps on your Android phone. This app also lets you record audio without people’s knowledge. There is also a Pro version of this app locker.

You can download the app here –

Using any of these three apps lockers, you can rest assured your private and sensitive data remains, that – private!

If you know more app lockers for Android phones, that are popular, feel free to leave a comment below.


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