Top 20 Online Platforms to List Your Startup


You have an idea and are working rigorously towards making the idea a successful one. The success of your startup depends on a lot of factors. One of the factors is getting early adopters for your product or service. It is crucial for a startup to have a few early adopters, better still if they are paying. To get in the sight of these early adopters you have to reach out to them. The best way to reach out is to get visible and accessible.

At Durofy, we interview founders and co-founders of emerging startups and give them a platform to showcase themselves. If you’re a startup looking for such a platform, drop us a mail at with a small introduction about you and your startup, and we’ll be happy to publish your journey @ Durofy!

Other than Durofy, there are a number of similar websites that feature startups. This article features a list of top 20 such websites to list your startup. Go through the list and select the platform which suits you the best:

The Top 20 Online Platforms To List Your Startup:

1. TechCrunch


TechCrunch is one of the leading website to cover technology backed start-ups. It was founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington. Disrupt- The most happening event for technology start-ups is a product of TechCrunch. You can pitch for your startup by submitting it here through the submission form.

2. Mashable


Mashable was started in 2005 by Pete Cashmore out of Britain. It is dedicated to cover new trends in digital media, social media and technology. Mashable hosts several conferences and events like MashCon and The Mashies. You can get your startup featured by submitting it here. Make sure you go through their To-do and Not-To-Do List.

3. YourStory


YourStory is India’s leading startup media platform founded by Shradha Sharma. The reader base ever increasing with its new goal of going global. Yourstory conducts events like TechSparks and MobiSparks. Visit their contact page and submit your startup. It is also advisable to create your startup profile on YS Pages by clicking here.

4. The TechPanda

The TechPanda

TechPanda is an India based website with focus on technology trends and technology start-ups of India. It also review start-ups from the technology domain. Even if you are not a technology startup you can still try and submit your story. Follow this link here to submit.

5. Next Big What


Next Big What started off as It was founded by Ashish Sinha. Their primary motive is to cover Technology start-ups and bring them in conversation with the global community. Submit your startup through this link here.

6. StartupTimes

startup times

Startup times was started in 2012. It has a lot of interviews with startup founders. You yourself can request for an interview here or you can also submit your story here.

7. Rate My Startup


Rate my startup is a unique website where your startup idea will be reviewed and rated. The visitors on the website too can review your startup. It is quite a different approach and does get you some attention. Submit your startup here.

8. The Startup Pitch


The startup pitch is a user generated news site. It was founded by Darren Stuart. Pitch your startup idea with this link here. It helps you garner attention for your upcoming startup. This is a purely user generated site with no editorials.

9. Crazy About Startups

Crazy About Startups

Crazy about start-ups has good resources for entrepreneurs. It covers startup news, startup tips and interviews with entrepreneurs. Share your startup story and experience here.

10. Startoholics


Startoholics was started by Vaishali Sharma. It covers start-ups from all domains. To feature your startup visit this link here.

11. Startup Freak

Startup Freak

Startup Freak aims to be a one stop advice center for first time start-ups and small businesses. It tries to answer all queries that an entrepreneur faces. Add your company here

12. MindCron


MindCron has an objective to provide a launching pad for start-ups. It is founded by Sanjit Kumar Vimal. You can submit your startup for review or submit a press release here.

13. Inc42


Inc42 provides a social platform for startups and startup enthusiasts to communicate and build a community. To feature your startup follow this link here.

14. KillerStartups


KillerStartups is founded by Gonzo Arzuaga. They promote startups across geographies and domains on their website. Also a good resource to follow startup trends. To submit your startup click on the link hereYou can also submit a press release here.

15. CrunchBase


CrunchBase is operated by Techcrunch. It is a huge database of startups and companies. You can update all the advancements related to your startup. However the updates are moderated before being published. Register yourself and add your company here.

16. AngelList


AngelList is a public platform to raise funds. It was founded by  Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi in 2010. Create your company profile and let the World know on your funding status. Click on the link here to create your startup profile. It is one of the best way to keep prospective investors abreast about your company’s developments.

17. Gust


Gust is similar to AngelList. It lets entrepreneurs collaborate with investors by supporting all aspects of an investment. Sign up on Gust and create your profile. Click here to signup.

18. VentureBeat

Venture Beat

VentureBeat focuses on disruptive technology that will make an impact in everyday life. If you are working on a startup and if you strongly believe that it is going to take the World by a storm then click here and submit your story. It was founded by Matt Marshall in 2006.

19. StartupList


StartupList is a user generated website where you can create your own startup profile. Sign up through your Twitter account by clicking here and find people who are willing to be your early adopters. You can follow other startups in your own domain and be updated about your competitor’s developments.

20. Let’sVenture


Let’sVenture is a platform with a magnified focus on Indian Startups who are looking to raise a seed or angel investment. Experts from various domains help you in iterating your business plan and provide end to end solution to close a deal with the investors. Register your startup here and get attention from investors.

You can request us at Durofy to cover your startup. We love to cover cool startups with high energy. Write to us at and we will respond shortly.



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