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This post interests those who prepare for English proficiency exams as well as non-students who want to improve communication skills. Also those who prepare for English aptitude exams.

If you are looking to improve your command over the English language, it’s not required to join a class and attend English classroom lessons. With a number of English learning websites available over the web, one can learn it freely and that also by sitting at home. Below are listed some websites that provide online courses in English from beginner to advanced level.

These online courses are for everybody; for the basic learners and for those preparing for language proficiency exams like GRE, TOEFL etc. There are some websites where you can not only learn but can communicate with other learners or native speakers during the courses using softwares like skype.


This is really a very good website that provides most of the study material online for free.

It provides downloadable material that can be accessed offline also. Free videos on interviewing skills, audio books, personality grooming videos and other such materials can be downloaded from the site. Such audio and video lessons are more effective than the written material. So, try these once.

It also provides facility of checking grammar with the online grammar test which is also free of cost. Courses, here, can be accessed online via Skype. You just need to install Skype in your system, which most of the people use for personal purpose and you need an internet connection.

Headphones and microphone are also required. Free course material on various topics like grammar, voice accent, speaking skill etc., are available on this site. You can order an audio sample course material also. Not only this, online live support is provided to the learners by the experts.


Livemocha courses are categorized very well in different sections viz. Basic, Intermediate and advanced courses. You can interact with other registered learners from all over the world. You can pause and start your course at any time as it records your learned activities.

Lessons with tests are available on each topic by which you can check your understanding. Vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and many more courses are available.


It is a website which provides many sample tests according to the exam patterns of English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL etc. You can practice as many tests as you want based on vocabulary, grammar etc. If you are going to appear in these exams and looking for a website to practice, you should visit this site.

Under the “Link” section, it contains links to various useful resources related to English language exams, other English practice websites and associations. Under the “Level Tests” section, there are different levels of tests viz. C1, C2, B1, B2, A2 etc. that have been designed from basic to advanced levels. One can get the test scores via email after appearing in the exams and can further improve their language knowledge.Under the “Exam Compare”, there’s shown a good comparison of all the English tests on various levels.


This website is more concentrated towards speaking skills. The course is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced level providing good English lessons. The good point of this website is that here you would get an opportunity to speak in English.

Many times during our preparation we want to talk with someone in English so that we can come to know how much we have grasped it. Here, you can interact with other learners and native speakers also. You can choose a topic to speak about it and the medium is Skype. So, it is free of cost.


This is one of the best places to learn and improve English. There are unlimited courses to choose from. It offers trial period which is free of cost. The automated system, here, checks your pronunciation level also.

Learners are also ranked according to how much study material they have accessed. They are given scores on the basis of their performances. You can test your writing, reading and speaking skills very well.


A number of lessons on grammar, pronunciation and writing skills etc. are available with enough exercises to practice with. The unique part about these courses is their content. Each and every minute topic has been covered in this website. It is divided into major sections like cram up, read on, business, chill out, take on and teach in.

The “cramp up” section has content related to grammar, vocabulary, writing, pronunciation, study tips etc. while the “business” section has higher level English learning content. The most interesting section is “chill out” where one can play games and riddles. One can also find dictionary and vocabulary calendar on the website that can be useful for the learners.


It provides English course free of cost and audio courses also which are very beneficial for the learners. What makes this website unique is that it provides English courses for non-native speakers like Japanese, Spanish, Chinese etc. All the courses are different according to different people. Other than the language courses, the website has a number of interesting things to do like playing games and quizzes that help in learning the language in a fast way.

There are various resources available on the website that are useful for learners viz. essay writing, idioms, dictionary etc. One can also read articles related to English learning and speaking. Moreover, one can find a number of teaching materials as well



Free preparation lessons are available with the diagnostic tests in free trial version. Though it is especially for those who are appearing in GRE, it does help those who only want to learn English perfectly. One can buy the high quality material for better preparation of GRE. Since all the materials are GRE focussed, this website is highly recommended for the students preparing for the same.

The preparation  courses include study materials for sections like quantitative, verbal, vocabulary, practice tests etc. and are classified as Complete GRE, Complete GRE plus, Fast track GRE, Express GR and Verbal Master. Under the “Compare Program” link one can get detailed comparison of all the courses on various parameters like price, content etc. for choosing the best among the rest according to one’s need.


There are exercises available on daily basis which make it easy for learners to practice more and more what they have learnt. Free lessons on grammar, proverbs etc. are also available that are helpful for brushing up the skills. As the name of website, one can visit this website daily for learning English on regular basis.

There are a number of sections that the learners should visit daily viz. word of the day, proverb, article, tongue twister, idiom, game, quote, riddles etc. Other stuff includes good tips for learning languages. One can also study online from an online tutor by registering on the website.



Basic and intermediate level courses are available that can be accessed online. It helps the learner to start from the Basic English and improve where they are lacking. The English courses are divided into various lessons that can be accessed free of cost. All the learners should visit this website and study these lessons.

The lessons are well organized into units and are spread on the whole web page. The video or audio lessons require software like real player, flash player etc. that are available on the website and can be downloaded.


It provides English courses for everyone; for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels also. There are number of lessons available to choose from. One can study all the courses free of cost. The courses include business communication, reading, exam practice tests etc.

One can also play games that are helpful in learning the language in a fun and adventurous way. These courses are also available to study in mobile devices. One can read blogs and articles related to English language. These articles are also comprised in a book named “A Little Book of English”.


Here, you can do lots of exercises that are based on the foundation of English i.e. modals, preposition, vocabulary, conditionals, verb tenses etc. All these courses are available free of cost and are divided into various parts under the “menu” section.

Learners can also learn vocabulary under “Dictionaries” section where English translation of words are available. Do visit the reading and listening section as well for better study. Above all, games are available for fun learning.


Courses available here are divided into different types viz. regular English, business English, travel English etc. It is based on the concept that the language is used differently for different purposes. It is more based on conversational skills.Interview and travel lessons in English are unique in this website. One can read English speaking articles for comprehensive knowledge.

Listening lessons are divided in basic, intermediate and advanced level. Extra English lessons include pronunciation, grammar etc. Study method of self learning is well explained on the website along with instructions.


A number of video lessons are available. At the same time, lessons other than audio and video formats are also found here under the category of free English tools. The courses available on the website include general English and business English. Students learn various skills viz. speaking, listening, grammar, reading, pronunciation and vocabulary. Students can register themselves free on this website to access these courses.

Apart from courses, there are a number of English tools available on the website that include dictionary, slang test, word of the day, translation, mini-lesson and resumes. The courses are self paced and convenient to learn. There is a 45 minute trail version of the online English courses that would help the learners to have an idea of the content of these courses.


It is a good site that provides online courses for English. As far as the most important aspect speaking is concerned, it offers unlimited speaking courses without any cost and moreover it provides assessments also. So, you can assess your speaking skills and can improve it after getting feedback.

Registration can be done free of cost. The courses provided on the website are self paced and involve fun learning methodology. There are a number of ways learners can practice speaking English from the comfort of sitting at home. Other than this, a number of learning resources are available at the website.


Large number of English courses are available free of charge and it is a good site in terms of the quality of study material. Audio and video courses are there based on English grammar and vocabulary. A number of useful sections on the website provide learning material.

The “Listen & Watch” section includes podcast, magazine, word of the street, stories, poems etc. while the “Grammar & Vocabulary” section includes grammar exercises and vocabulary games. The website also provides business communication and IELTS related study material.


You can improve your English conversation skills. These courses are more based on improvement of your already learnt skills. Those who wants to improve their conversational skills should opt for visiting this website. The study materials available on the website include grammar related learning materials like propositions, modals etc. A number of conversation based articles are available that help the learner to know the proper use of grammar.


You can take number of lessons on English, take interesting quizzes and speak in English using English chat room. So, it’s a fun way of learning all the aspects of English language. The website also provides TOEFL tips and tricks. Other study materials include English lessons, English vocabulary, quizzes etc.

To improve listening skills, a number of lessons are available in the downloadable format. There’s a “chat room” section through which one can chat with lots of people around the world. One can also participate in discussions under the English forums.



This website is a remarkable one as it provides a number of courses online at free of cost. Also, after course completion one can get an e-certificate. Not only English courses but a number of courses related to other subjects are available at the website.

Introduction to Conversational English is an online course available at the website which is for 1-2 hours duration. Those who wants to understand the basic conversational skill can study this course. Other than basic courses, diploma and certificate can also be studied.



This is based on learning to speak well in English and is focused on speaking skills and vocabulary. You can chat with a number of people and practice these skill. There are speaking English tips available on the website that are helpful for learners. To help the learners improve their vocabulary knowledge, under the “word of the day” section, one can learn new words regularly by registering on the website.

One can interact with other learners via chatting process. Softwares like skype, yahoo messenger etc. can be used for chatting with others. This website is best for those who are looking for a platform to practice speaking the language.



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