Top 16 Google Chrome Games You Can Play Offline


Here is a list of 16 games you can download on Google Chrome and play offline!

Note:  All the offline Chrome games listed below are not in any particular order.

The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

Fancy Pants Chrome

Affiliated Keywords: Adventure, something new, cartoon, crazy, easy levels.

3D Bowling Game (WebGL)

3D Bowling chrome

Affiliated Keywords: Old, New, 3 Step score, Java, Offline.

Don’t Fall

Dont Fall chrome

Affiliated Keywords: 1 PC 2 players, super basic GUI, 4 direction control, best.

Crush the Castle series

Crush the castle chrome

Affiliated Keywords: Part 1 + Part 2, JAAB (Just Another Angry Bird), trebuchet, enormous levels, super fun.

Bowman 2

Bowman Arrow 2 Chrome

Affiliated Keywords: 1 PC 2 player, 1-click game, turn by turn, competitive, Gore!!!

Tank Hero: Laser Wars

Tank Laser Wars chrome

Affiliated Keywords: WASD, mouse click, kill tanks, go claim your reward.

Boxhead 2 Play

Boxhead zombie chrome

Affiliated Keywords: Tons of Guns, on-the-spot ammo, zombies, innovative levels, highly addictive, Awesome Gore.


Solitaire Chrome

Affiliated Keywords: Offline, old, click and drop, similar programming.

Cargo Bridge

Cargo bridge chrome

Affiliated Keywords: Grey Cells required, build strong bridge, pretty kickass levels, Evergreen.


Conveyor chrome

Affiliated Keywords: hardcore game, Left and Right only, resembles easy but though in reality.


Entanglement chrome

Affiliated Keywords: longest possible, time killer, addictive.

Else Defender of Earth

Else defender chrome

Affiliated keywords: Russian, Radio, Kill aliens with a stick, funny.

Domino Effect


Affiliated Keywords: Touch the last stick, make the stick fall, place stick in good position, Domino Fall.

RAD Soldier

RAD soldiers

Affiliated Keywords: turn by turn, kill enemies, support allies, mouse only, decisive.

Basket Shooter

Basket shooter

Affiliated Keywords: Other shooting program, takes time to get acquainted, arcade, time, survival.



Affiliated keywords: You cant complete it, super tough, WAD only (no S), You cant even Jump!!

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