Top 14 Breakfast Places In Bangalore


Most of us rush to work on weekdays forgetting the cardinal rule of good health – do not skip breakfast. On weekends, it is a more relaxed affair with many having homemade breakfast or venturing out to eat later in the day, making it seem more like a brunch rather than breakfast. So, here, we put together top 14 breakfast places in Bangalore.

Legendary Breakfast Spots

Veena Stores

Location: Malleshwaram


Source: Tripadvisor

The fresh, hot, fluffy idlis, yummy chutney and the crispy vadas – these staples at Veena Stores are to die for! They also have other dishes on the menu which are equally good. The queue of people waiting for their breakfast and morning cup of filter coffee is testimony to the fact that this is one of Bangalore’s most loved and cherished breakfast spots.

Vidyarthi Bhavan

Location: Basavanagudi


People popping into their mouths, pieces of fresh masala dosas literally dunked in butter and washing it down with a steaming cup of filter coffee is a common sight at Vidyarthi Bhavan, another legendary breakfast spot in Bangalore. This place has been visited by many famous personalities in the past and continues to be a favourite spot for many personalities even now.

Shree Sagar (CTR)

Location: Malleshwaram


Source: Flickr

The legendary CTR or Shree Sagar as it is now called is another popular breakfast haunts for the people of Bangalore. The crispy benne (butter) masala dosas over here are an absolute delight to eat, as can be seen when makes a trip to this place.

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR)

Location: Lalbagh Road


Source: Mygola

MTR as it is commonly known has been one of the favourite breakfast spots for many Bangaloreans right from the days of its inception till now. They serve some savoury South Indian breakfast items as well as regular South Indian fare for lunch and dinner.

Brahmins’ Coffee Bar

Location: Basavanagudi, Jayanagar


Source: Talkingstreet

This quaint little place in Basavanagudi is one more legendary breakfast spot for Bangaloreans. Brahmins’ Coffee Bar is no place to sit and have breakfast. The fun is in nestling your way through the crowd, getting your share of breakfast and having it piping hot, specially the amazingly soft idlis. Do not forget your dose of filter coffee.


Location: St. Mark’s Road


Source: Amit Basu, Flickr

Koshy’s is another landmark of old Bangalore. The ambience still reminds people of how Bangalore was a couple of decades back. Famous for their English breakfast, Koshy’s has seen the Who’s Who across industries and professions visit this place to have a taste of their delicacies.

Modern Breakfast Spots

Taaza Thindi

Location: Jayanagar


Source: Tripadvisor

A perfect place for students, thanks to the pocket-friendly prices, Taaza Thindi offers a range of breakfast options with hygiene playing an important role in their operations. So, this is the place to have your breakfast without worrying about hygiene levels.


Location: Jayanagar


Source: Buzzintown

Nestled between other commercial establishments and overlooking residential spaces is this quaint little cafe called Flamenco. They dish out a wide variety of dishes right from waffles to burgers and sandwiches and shakes.

Art Blend Cafe

Location: HSR Layout


Source: YourStory

How would you like blending art into your breakfast routine? Well, if you’ve never tried something like this, then head over to Art Blend Cafe where you can try your hand at art as well as try the all day breakfast menu the cafe has to offer. They have some combos as well as other dishes which you can try out.

The Egg Factory

Location: JP Nagar, St. Mark’s Road, Koramangala, Multiple Areas


Source: Grouptable

If you’re the type of person who says I’m a vegetarian in all aspects but I also eat eggs, then this is the place for you. Have a hearty breakfast choosing from a menu comprising dishes across cuisines but most of them having egg as the main ingredient. They also have on their menu, some combinations of egg and bacon, egg and chicken and so on. Apart from this, you can also have some fruit based dishes.

News Cafe

Location: Indiranagar


Source: Buzzintown

For those of you under the misconception that News Cafe only serves cocktails and mocktails while playing some great EDM music, you’re mistaken. News Cafe, apart from serving great cocktails and mocktails, also have an amazing breakfast spread. If you’re looking for a fancy place to have breakfast, this is the place to be!

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Location: Koramangala


Source: Grubonomic

Grubonomic has some great eats, specially burgers and toasts. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian breakfast dishes. This very simple yet aesthetically designed cafe is the perfect spot for a relaxed breakfast.

Hole in the Wall

Location: Koramangala


Source: Tripadvisor

Another of those cosy, cafe style breakfast places is Hole in the Wall. This cafe has on its menu a delicious spread of English breakfast dishes. The cafe also offers you indoor as well as outdoor seating options.

A Hole Lotta Love

Location: Koramangala


Source: Little Black Book, Bangalore

The sausage lovers, the egg lovers and basically, the English breakfast lovers, go to a Hole Lotta Love and show your love for these dishes. They whip up scrumptious English breakfast as well as have a whole range of dishes including the baked beans on toast and its variants. With so many options, it does get a bit difficult to show a hole lotta love!

The next time you’re bored of having breakfast at home and want your palate to taste some new flavours, you know where to go! Feel free to share with us, in the comments below, your experience at these places and also other places you wish made to this list.

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