Top 10 Interesting Facts about Spain


Spain is a country with one of the oldest cultures and history among all countries in the world. It has an extremely rich heritage that has been able to influence most of the continents. It is the birth place of the language of Spanish. Spain has given birth to many geniuses of the world like Pablo Picasso, Miguel Cervantes etc. It also happens to be a country which attracts a huge number of tourists every year.

The best thing about Spain is that it is very lively and has got a lot to offer starting from Matadors and Chorizos to Spanish guitars and the flamenco dance. Spain also has a lot of fun activities to offer. But there are many more interesting facts about Spain which will surely blow your mind. Read on to learn about the top 10 interesting facts about Spain!

Spain had been through a series of different names throughout its history

Spain has no tooth fairy.

Spain has a new year custom which is known as the Twelve Grapes

Normally when we associate olive oil with Italy, but in reality, it is Spain which produces 45% of the entire olive oil all over the world


Usually in Spain a person has to bear two surnames along with his or her name – the surname of the father and the surname of the mother.

Spain has always been the largest and one of the most powerful countries of the world but it had participated neither in the First nor the Second World War.

There are around 410 million native Spanish speakers which makes Spanish one of the most popular languages in the world.

Art is in the blood of Spain. Spanish art has always been extremely famous in the whole world right from the historical times till now.

Ibiza is an island of Spain which is one of the most favourite party destinations in the whole world. Normally people from all over the world visit Ibiza as it is a party destination.


Almost 71% of the people of Spain are Catholics.

These are the ten most interesting facts about Spain which many of us didn’t know. Spain had experienced the Muslim rule for about 781 years and therefore thanks to the Muslim rule because of Spain’s rich amount of culture and heritage. The culture of Spain is much dense than that of its neighbour France. Spanish people are ardent football fans and thus the worlds two of the biggest world champion football clubs are based in Spain. These two football clubs are Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Spain has contributed a lot to the world and is still doing through several means. Most importantly this place is so well decorated that any tourist will fall in love with it. Many famous artists, writers, singers, actors have started their career from Spain and they have always held the respect of Spain at sky high limit in every field.

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