Top 10 Fusion Songs of Coke Studio India


The concept of fusing the east and the west in terms of music serves as a mouth watering contest for all music lovers. Not only do we hear something novel, which is far unique and much more different from what we have heard before, but it also opens to us an altogether new avenue of music – a land where there is only rhythm, beats, music and peace. MTV Coke Studio India has been a wonderful platform for different musicians to come and demonstrate their overflowing talent. Coke Studio India boasts of diversity in terms of music and in terms of people hailing from different parts of the world, making us believe that music can unite anyone. It doesn’t matter how long we hear these songs, as they are bound to stay immortal in everyone’s hearts. Let us have a look at some of the songs which have been mindblowing in terms of their audience response and their impact over the Indian music taste.

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 10. ‘Tokari’ – Papon and Sugandha Garg, Season 2


Blending with Papon’s unerring vocals and Sugandha Garg’s husky voice, the music for this one is worth listening to. Assamese folkstyle shows it class and soothing texture as you would be found constantly humming and tapping your toes to this one.


9. Mauje Naina – Bianca Gomes, Shadab and Altamash, Season 2

Being a tragic song, Bianca Gomes’ western music does full justice to this song. A dreamy and deep voiced tone will rapture your senses and will plunge your heart with intense feeling. Joins the rare group of songs where Hindi and English do sound well together, hence justifying ‘fusion’.


8. Malhar Jam – Agam, Season 2

One of the best classical rock bands, ‘Agam‘  has shown why it isn’t difficult to associate South Indian Carnatic music with rock. The tone of the song is highly motivational and inspiring. You must listen this if you’re down in your moods, or even if you’re happy. A hell of a masterpiece.

7. Shedding Skin – Karsh Kale, Shruti Pathak, Monali Thakur, Shilpa Rao, Apeksha Dandekar, Season 2

Why Karsh Kale is one of the best contemporary music composers is no mean question. This music piece is outrageously eloquent and has subtle parts of a deep, rhythmic tune. Sung by western trained singers, this song is all about transformations in a girl’s life. You should just listen to this for its sweet taste it leaves at the end of the song.

6. Zariya – AR Rahman, Ani Choying, Farah Siraj, Season 3

A.R. Rahman has spun  a beauty with this composition. Concocted with Buddhist peaceful music, Arabian music shows its tantalizing side. No matter how few the lyrics are, the variations shown by Farah Siraj and her control over taal, laya and laya is compelling to watch.

5. Dil Cheez – Karsh Kale, Monali Thakur, Season 2

Remaking an old famous Hindi song is never easy.But it doesn’t get easier when you have a wonderful voice and a witty plan to do it. Blending in with the classical Hindustani music is an interlude of western music, soulfully sung by the same voice. It is a treat to the ears.

4. Jagao Mera Des – AR Rahman, Suchi, Blaaze

AR Rahman shows his supreme command over fusion music in this beautiful rendering. Having a voice suited to the essence of the song, he and Suchi show why Hindustani Classical music is still the core of eternal music. Suchi displays excellent control over the beats and classical literals as she concocts this tale with rapper Blaaze.

3. Peekaboo – Apeksha, Benny and Mandeep, Season 2

Hearing this song throughout with blindfolds, you will never make out that there is just one female voice throughout the entirety of the song ! A superb mix of rap and western singing by Mandeep and Benny respectively, it is joyous to watch how the singers enjoy themselves while singing songs on stage. Never miss this one.

2. Kajar Bin Kare – Salim Merchant, Karsh Kale, Season 2

The beats in this song on drums and the tabla make you feel the adrenaline pump. A sorrowful tune with such beats turns your emotional meter on completely. Soulful rendering by Salim Merchant and a beautiful composition by Karsh Kale.


1. Madari – Clinton Cerejo, Vishal Dadlani, Sonu Kakkar, Season 2

This song tops the chart. Seldom can you find any other song’s rhythm, beats and tune to be as racy and motivational s this one. Though these are folklore lyrics, the essence of the song is music, and it is enough to make you thrilled for the rest of the song. An unusual mix between Sonu Kakkar and Vishal Dadlani finds synchrony in the hearts of music listeners. A musical treat.



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