Top 10 Free Online Organizing / Planning Tools


There are a number of online tools available nowadays that are being used for a number of purposes like business, study and other work. Most of these tools are available free of cost but some can be upgraded to the premium versions. The premium versions provide more advanced features.

Tasks and projects can be easily tracked and reminders can be scheduled that help professionals and students to complete the tasks. Following are stated some of the online tools that help in organizing the tasks:

Top Free Online Organizing Tools

Tool 1: Evernote

a)      Things To Organize

Evernote is an online organizing tool by which one can organize our notes, audio notes, documents, images and web clips.

b)      Download Site

It can be downloaded by clicking here. One needs to first download the Evernote software and register on this tool. Registration is free of cost and one can login with username and password. One can also upgrade the free account to premium account.

c)      Features

One of the options is to insert a file from outside using import option and send the file using export option. Using the various formatting options, one can insert a table as well and draft the text accordingly. All the notes can also be arranged in notebooks. All the searches can be saved in “saved search” category. One can easily find any text throughout the notes.

One can also print the notepad file using print preview and print options. There are different types of notes that one can save viz. Notes, Ink Notes, Audio Notes and Web Cam Notes. In “Ink Notes”, one can draw any figure and in “Audio Notes”, one can record the file along with the notes. In “Webcam Note”, one can record video file as well.

d)       Uses

It is a great tool for making notes and arranging them in tags so that these are easily distinguishable. The best part of this tool is that the notepad is not a simple one; it has a number of diversified features like inserting tables, different formatting styles, checkbox, inserting link of the notepad url and hyperlinking it in other files.

e)      Sharing

The notes can be shared also by email and posted on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and linkedin as the available options.

Tool 2: Wunderlist2

Wunderlist is an online tool that helps in organizing the notes.

a)      Download Site

The tool can be downloaded by clicking here .

b)      Advantages

It is very simplistic in nature as it does not involve complex functionalities. Using the detailed view function, one can have various features using which one can do a number of tasks. The notes can be organized in lists in the form of items. One can write tasks and sub tasks as well. Reminder can be set to a specific task that needs to be done.

c)       Features

The note making section in the tool has professional look that soothes one’s eyes. One can mark the tasks when completed. Important tasks can be marked as starred as well. All the lists can be organized inside the inbox.

One can use keyboard shortcuts also for doing work in the online tool. Specific task can be searched using the search option available in the tool. All the lists can be dragged up and down, and the whole arrangement can be saved using “sync now” option before logging out the work.

d)      Sharing

One can connect to the wunderlist account with facebook so that one can share the lists with one’s friends and relatives.

Tool 3: 30boxes

a)      Features

30boxes is an organizing tool that has various features to do the work viz. Calendar and To Do. The Calendar can be viewed as monthly or yearly. Events can be added to a particular date. Additional features can be added to events like setting reminder and adding notes. The events can be tagged so that these can be easily distinguished. These tags can be directly searched using the search option available in the calendar.

b)      Uses

Invitations can also be sent to others by adding their email Ids. Using the “To Do” option, one can list various items or tasks that are needed to be done. These tasks can be added in the calendar available in the tool as well as other calendars like google calendar and yahoo calendar.

The whole list of tasks can be printed to get the hard copy or can also be emailed using various email addresses. All the events and updates can be viewed in “Buddies” option. The calendar can also be printed using the print option.

c)       Sharing

It is a good feature that can be used by organizations to share the calendar and set the reminders and events to remind the colleagues. The calendar can also be shared on various blogs. Use the settings option to make the requisite changes that can be used to enable sharing.

Tool 4: Monkeyon

It is a good organizing tool and is freely available but has a very interesting and funny concept behind it. Using this online tool, the tasks to be done are named as “monkeys”.

a)      Uses

Reminders can be set on these monkeys that can keep the people reminded on the updates. These updates can be sent to the recipients and deadlines can be assigned to these updates. The state of these tasks can be stated as alive or completed as or when done. One can view the history of all the tasks and “kill” the scheduled tasks.

b)      User Account

The free account provides only 5 active monkeys but the premium version provides unlimited number of monkeys. The free account can be upgraded by payment using credit card and paypal.

Tool 5: Toodledo

a)      Features

Toodledo is an online tool using which tasks can be organized. These tasks and sub tasks can be tagged, organized and sorted as well. These lists can be sorted and alarms can be customized and scheduled.

The work can be shared to other people using the tool. The tasks can be managed using task manager. The tasks can be organized into a folder, due date can be set, priority level can be assigned and the repeating time can be set as daily, weekly and monthly etc. Notes can be arranged in a folder, contexts can be assigned, time-period of the goals can be set as life long, short-term and long term.

Locations where the tasks are to be assigned can be mentioned with the details. The external files can be uploaded and saved in the tool. The lists mentioned in the online tool can be shared with other people. Another great feature of the toodledo tool is the availability of backup and restore functions.

b)      Accessibility

The toodledo tool can be accessed through mobile phone, email and calendar. It can also be integrated into a web browser. The tool can be integrated into the browser using bookmarklet by which one can bookmark the important tasks.

c)       Import and Export

The files can be exported and imported using various tools available in the software in various formats viz. CSV, XML and Text. The tasks can also be imported and exported using Palm OS based PDA. This importing and exporting feature can be used in the calendar.

d)      How To Use It

There are video tutorials available through which one can understand the functionalities. For those who are new to it can know how to work with the tools .

e)      Uses

A unique feature in this online tool is the statistics using which one can keep track on the progress of the tasks to be done and completed already. Various statistics features including the online tool are pie chart, line graph, bubble chart, budgeting, completion time and task age. Reminders and alarms can also be set. The tool can be accessed from mobile phone using iOS Apps, 3rd party Apps and mobile website.

f)       Sharing

The work can be shared on social networking sites viz. facebook and twitter.

Tool 6: RememberTheMilk

a)      Features

Rememberthemilk is a tool through which tasks can be managed. One can share the tasks and get the reminders via email, sms and instant messenger. This online tool can be accessed from phone. It can also be used with google calendar.

b)      User Account

One can make an account in this tool free of cost.

c)       Accessibility

The tool can be accessed using iPad, iPhone, Android and can be used with gmail, twitter, google calendar and bookmarklet.

Tool 7: Bla-Bla List

a)       About

Bla-bla list is an online tool which is used for preparing list of things to be done.

b)      Uses

The list can be easily shared with others even those who do not have an account. This feature is great for the business professionals. Another feature provided by the tool is to publish the list with RSS so that instant updates can be received.

One can also send a copy of the list to others via email. The name of the tool looks very humorous. But it is surely a very simple and secure way of preparing the lists.

Tool 8: Voo2do

a)      Features

Voo2do has a very colourful theme which is used for organizing tasks. Tasks are organized under projects in which notes can be made. Priority level of the projects can also be set along with the calendar and time details set for the scheduled time. Status of the tasks can be set as active or pending. Projects to be done are set as active or inactive.

The person who has been assigned the work can also be mentioned under “collaborative contexts”. The unique part of this online tool is that it has different sections for the entire tasks viz. dashboard, tasks, projects, collaboration, notes, deadlines and history that make this online tool very convenient to use.

b)      Uses

The tool also provides blog and discussion group sections. It is good for those who work on different projects and are required to jot down various ideas. One can prioritize the tasks and get to know the status of the projects.

Tool 9: Todoist

Todoist is an online tool using which projects can be organized well.

a)      Features

The tasks under the projects can be categorized with labels. Reminders can also be set using mobile messages or emails. Under the unique “Karma trend” feature, one can observe the progress of the projects to be completed, history of the projects and the productivity in the work done.

The tasks can be filtered according to the dates, labels or priorities assigned to the tasks. Reminders can be set on the tasks to be done. Formatting can be done on the texts written in the notepad.

b)      User Account

In the premium version of this tool, notes and files can be attached and sent to others.

c)       Accessibility

The tool can also be used using the keyboard. It can also be accessed on the mobile.

10.    Vitalist

The online tool has a very professional and simple look. Register on the online tool by adding details and start using it by logging into the account using username and password.

a)    Features

One can add notes and simultaneously mention context, write the name of the project and set the reminder along with the dates and time as well. The notes can be set according to the priority level of the work to be performed. One can select the action and mark it complete.

The unique feature of the tool is to add filters. There are a number of filters that can be used for sorting the projects and tasks like project, contact, context, priority, date and time. Using the “group by” section also, one can sort the tasks.


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