Top 10 Features of ReactJS for Web Developers


What is the first thing you notice about any web or mobile application? Yes, you have guessed it right; it is the User Interface. 

An impressive user interface plays a crucial role in luring the audience. More unique the UI, the more leads and conversions you will have. 

The UI represents the front-end part of a web or mobile application. There are many front-end technologies available in the market to develop front-end applications. 

However, ReactJS is one of the most preferred and developer-friendly front-end technology that has carved a niche for itself by offering some valuable advantages to developers. 

For example, other front-end technologies such as Angular, Meteor, and Node require more coding to develop even simple website applications. 

On the other hand, ReactJS is a JavaScript library requiring less coding than other technologies. 

ReactJS is an open-source, versatile, efficient, and highly flexible library that can help developers make interactive UIs effortlessly. 

ReactJS, a component-based JavaScript library, was developed by Facebook in 2011. In 2013, it was open for all to create interactive, intuitive, and excellent UIs for web applications. 

Do you want to find out why developers prefer ReactJS over other technologies for front-end development? This blog discusses 10 ReactJS features that are developer-friendly. 

1. Component-Based Architecture 

All ReactJS applications have different components; each has its logic written in JavaScript instead of templates. The whole application comprises multiple self-contained components with logic written in it. 

It makes passing rich data through the app effortless while keeping the state out of the DOM. 

2. Server-side Rendering 

This feature makes ReactJS an SEO-friendly technology as it improves the page loading speed, a crucial quality to enhance user experience. 

Server-side Rendering, also known as SSR, allows rendering an app on the server side rather than in the browser. 

To make the page more interactive, the server returns the initiation for the HTML page and JavaScript rendering, offering a unique user experience to the visitors. 

Also, for static websites, SSR helps them to load content more effortlessly and promptly. 

3. Highly Declarative UI 

With ReactJS, developers can create highly interactive, robust, and dynamic UIs to impress the audience. It further helps developers write user-friendly, easy-to-understand, and debug code. 

Another impressive feature of ReactJS is its ability to update the components when the data changes. Hire ReactJS developers to create stunning front-end applications with striking and unparalleled UIs. 

4. Virtual DOM 

It is another reason why developers love ReactJS. 

Virtual DOM is responsible for creating highly-scalable and robust apps and websites. In addition, it also helps speed the development process and acts as unidirectional data binding. 

Furthermore, the UI will be re-rendered in the Virtual DOM when you want to make any app modifications. Then you can see the comparison between the previous and the new DOM representation. 

After the comparison, only the modifications will be updated, keeping the rest of the components the same, saving a lot of time and effort. 

5. JSX 

JSX is an extension made of JavaScript and XML. ReactJS uses JSX to express various UI elements to describe the app’s look and design. 

Developers can easily write the JavaScript code and HTML structure in one file to develop web and mobile apps. 

It is why even beginners can develop highly scalable, feature-rich applications using ReactJS technology. 

6. Simplicity 

Developers love ReactJS as it makes the whole development process simple. As it uses the developed JSX file, the app execution becomes easier. 

Furthermore, ReactJS is component-based, making code reusability easier for developers. Thus, it is their favorite technology for web and mobile app development. 

7. Pre-configured UI Components 

React has a massive open-source developer community, helping developers when in a dilemma. You can find instant solutions to any development problems to help further the development process. 

Also, the library has a wide range of pre-configured user interface components that can be used to create interactive and highly scalable web and mobile applications. 

However, not all pre-configured UI components are free. Some are paid but highly useful for creating dynamic and impressive applications. 

8. Flexibility 

The ReactJS code is simple, so it helps developers maintain applications’ flexibility. Also, ReactJS saves a lot of time and cost of application development. This flexible library serves the single aim- to make the app development process more easy and streamlined. 

9. Performance 

ReactJS applications offer splendid performance compared to applications that are made with other technologies. Multiple developers can work on various components simultaneously, saving time and effort. 

10. SEO-friendly 

As we have mentioned earlier, ReactJS is an SEO-friendly technology. Having a website or application that ranks higher on SERPs is crucial. 

ReactJS serves the core purpose by reducing the loading speed and offering a superior user experience to visitors. 


If you want to develop an intuitive, unmatched, and highly functional app, ReactJS is your friend. You can develop apps with complex features and functionalities in no time. Hire ReactJS developers with a proven track record and a promising portfolio, and you will have the best web or mobile app for your business.

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About the Author:

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, and Director of eSparkBiz Technologies @Software Development Company. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.


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