Top 10 E-commerce Marketing Tips For 2023


Marketing is not about selling your products but it’s more about building trust in your consumers. There’s a lot of competition today in the e-commerce business, and to be among the market leaders, you need to know some e-commerce marketing tips for 2023 which will boost your sales. Also, remember that when it comes to e-commerce marketing, it’s not necessary that the same strategy will work for all. You need to evaluate which tip works well for your brand, company, or organisation. Here are some e-commerce marketing tips which will help you grow your e-commerce business.

Grow Organically

There are many social media platforms that have billions of daily users. This is such a great opportunity if you can make your space on these platforms. This a totally free way of marketing. It may seem difficult to make an impact on such a large audience, but you can take a cold breath. For social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, there are these 4 C’s to keep in mind to accelerate your growth.

  • Content: Have you ever heard that content is the king of social media? If yes, then you know how important of a component content is. Always make sure that your content is of the best quality. Another thing to remember about content is you should go with the trend as people will always love to see content on current affairs and topics.
  • Creativity: Creativity always goes with your content. Many brands like Zomato, Durex, Myntra, and Swiggy gained popularity because of their creative tweets and posts. Be as creative as you can.
  • Collaboration: Look for collaboration with big names, brands, or influencers. This will also help you to reach a bigger audience and if your content is really impressive, it would make an impression in the minds of people and followers.
  • Consistency: There is something called an algorithm on these social media platforms. The algorithm is the mechanism that controls what content should be shown to which and how many users. It is believed that the algorithm always supports the ones that are consistent.

Email Marketing

Find ways for getting email IDs from people who know your brand and also those who don’t. This is also a free way of e-commerce marketing. Emails are really impactful if you are consistently sending updates about offers, new products, newsletters, etc by email. For collecting emails there are many methods, you can use any of them and collect the data as it will help you in the long run. There are plenty of email marketing tools such as Klaviyo that are easily accessible and convenient to use!

email marketing

Encourage people visiting your websites to share their emails by making them sign up for something they themselves would want to do. For example, you can keep a contest where people would have to sign-up with their email address to participate, or they would get a 10% discount. Like this, you can collect email addresses.

Upsell your products

Now you are getting customers who are buying your products, you should try to make them buy in more quantity or spend more. Who won’t love that as a seller? Upselling is simply selling your products by giving offers and discounts if the customer buys in more quantity or spends a particular amount. This is really a very effective way of increasing your sales. Not every time you just need to increase your customer base but make your existing customers buy more.

Also, you can give free or complimentary gifts with your products. This also triggers the buyer in purchasing that product as they feel they are getting more at the same price. Other than that, you can also make bundles of 2 or more products and make them look more affordable than buying all separately.


Social media is full of influencers, either micro or macro, and they do make an impact on their followers. If you are looking for new customers, this is a great and affordable way to promote your brand and organisation and this method of e-commerce marketing is rising in popularity. I would rather suggest that selecting micro-influencers will be more beneficial. Influencers with fewer followers don’t mean they are less impactful. But practically they have a more strong niche follower base who have a strong belief in them.


You can just simply gift your products to these micro-influencers who would in return make content like reels and these reels will influence their followers to buy your products or service.

Content Marketing and SEO

Whenever a person searches for their queries or doubts, they would probably visit the websites they see on the top. To be on the top, you should do keyword research and use them in your blogs, articles, and related content. This is basically a part of content marketing and this is really a great way for improving your SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Content Marketing is one of the best ways that work for almost every organisation or company. But still, never believe that if it’s working for others, it must work for you as well. You have to analyze if it’s worth it for you or not.

Customer Reviews Utilisation

Whenever we go to online shopping websites, before buying a product, we read the reviews and check the ratings to make sure that the product is worth buying or not. So every time a customer buys your product or service, always ask them for ratings and reviews. You may even give them some benefits if they give reviews. In this way, you will be able to get more and more reviews which will help you attract new customers too. Use your existing customer ratings and reviews to create impressions on new customers. Because when it comes to e-commerce, you are not just selling a product but you are also selling an experience. 

If you are looking for expanding your business in lesser time to a bigger audience, then you should consider Google ads or Facebook ads as the most reliable tool. Though a bit expensive as compared to other methods discussed above, it is the most effective way when it comes to reach the masses in the least time. Brands like Meesho, Myntra, and Zomato have used this way of marketing and it has really worked well for them. The budget for ads varies depending upon what amount of audience you want to target. It even varies from platform to platform. 

Mouth Publicity

Not every time you will get to know about that shop where you get the tastiest momos in your city through advertisements, social media, or influencer marketing but you would probably have got to know it from your friends, neighbors, or people around you. This is the power of mouth publicity that will really attract new customers to your business. Though it is the most conventional way of e-commerce marketing but even today it will work equally well when it comes to e-commerce marketing.

This way of marketing is the most effective as people would believe more if they get to know it from their knowns.

User-Friendly Interface

user friendly

In an e-commerce business, you are also selling your products and services through applications and websites. For that, you make sure that your app or website is user-friendly and that people are able to use it in their day-to-day life. If your app or website is not user-friendly then it will not allow you to grow and rather may result in failure. There are many good examples, and one of them is Google itself. If you know about Google Wave, it was able to let you and your collaborators build documents that Google called Waves. It failed and the reason was that people felt it was very complicated.

Double Opt-in Forms

Usually, when you get your customers to fill out the form on your websites, you may be able to get the data related to their e-mail, name, and some data but to really know if your customer is really interested in buying your product or service, you should add a Double Opt-in Form. This will help you know how many customers are really interested in your brand and product.

This means that you are only adding those customers’ e-mail addresses who confirm the subscription two times.

Although these are the 10 tips for e-commerce marketing, it doesn’t mean that all of them will work for you. You have to adapt to the changing world. All the best.


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