Top 10 ColdPlay Songs that are a Must in Your Playlist



“Lights will guide you home and fix you” – these words and this song will linger in the minds of millions of people in the years to come! ColdPlay British rock band, was formed by its lead vocalist and pianist Chris Martin in 1996 and they have been on a roll ever since. They have always delivered love, power, emotions through their songs and share a very deep connection with their audience. Most of their songs take you on an emotional ride! Every single time!

Their lyrics connect us to our soul, and this isn’t even exaggeration. It’s a rush of blood to the head and a delight to the ears! The meaning each of their song carries is pure, beautiful and very deep. They’re an addiction once you get a hold of their powerful lyrics and tunes.

The following songs are their some of their most powerful and inspiring hits, and they’re a must have in each of you’re playlist!

  1. “VIVA LA VIDA”   It’s bold, it’s ambitious and it’s the start of a new era. After 3 hugely successful albums, viva la vida proved that if you can’t break records, you make them even better. This international megahit, tells their fans to love their lives through a story. Money can’t buy happiness, but music surely can and this song is extremely valuable! Song link: 
  2. “YELLOW” Parachutes   The breakthrough record for Coldplay! This song is recognisable world over. This song is about unconditional, unrequited love and having someone in your life for whom you could do anything. Coldplay truest sets a gold standard with this song. Song link: 
  3. “FIX YOU” X&Y   This was an incredible trump card for Coldplay. Fix you is easily be one of the finest tunes to come out of Britain in this century. This beautiful song has got millions on an emotional journey. The lyrics are deep and has inspired the hearts of many. This song is about being in difficult times, holding on to hope and finding a way out. A song each of us can relate to! Song link: 
  4. “UP&UP” a head full of dreams   This newly released record is a trippy feast to the eyes and ears. This catchy tune tuned with some amazing deep lyrics gets you to another zone altogether. A must watch for all Coldplay fans! The amazing video is definitely a must watch! Song link: 
  5. “THE SCIENTIST” A rush of blood to the head  An amazing video, and a first class song. It is also one of the early success stories that formed the foundation of Coldplay. This song is about girls and how everything else seems to  fall to the sideline when you’re interested in someone. Give this man a piano and he’ll work his magic through any song. Song link: 
  6. “PARADISE” mylo Xyloto  This one is a personal favorite!. Paradise is a statement single that is as infectious as it is innovative. The song has been injected with a balance and charisma, that sets it apart from any song  that has come before. The lyrics are beautiful, delicate and ever as catchy as a Coldplay chorus is ever likely to get! Song Link: 
  7. “CHARLIE BROWN” mylo Xyloto  There is a certain kid like quality to this track. Martin wrote this one inside his daughters doll house, and title is clearly comic book inspired. A childish theme and an express delivery combined to produce an ear catching electric atmospheric tune. Song link: 
  8. “IN MY PLACE” A rush of blood to the head  The lead single from their super successful album, this track was a Grammy winner! . This track is essentially a love song, which portrays the rise and fall of a  mismatched, unrequited, one sided love. A song most of us can relate to, heart and soul! Song link : 
  9. “SPEED OF SOUND” X&Y  This song was the band’s first top 10 hit in the U.S. Though. Martin’s unique voice  is still the focal point the whole band exudes their creativity  and emotions through this beautiful song. Song link : 
  10. “TROUBLE” parachutes (2000)  The 3rd single from their debut album. This songs a a classic piano tuned song by Chris Martin. A song about getting into a bad situation and being unable to find a way out. It’s a tune that resonates with the majority! An emotional delight, this one! Song link :

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