Top 10 Action Movies Of 2022


Here’s a list of the top 10 action movies of 2022!


No special marks if you guessed this is a sequel to the original 1986 movie Top Gun. The second coming of Pete “Maverick” Mitchel (Tom Cruise) is just as engaging, powerful and fast-paced as the first edition. A more mature and wiser Pete is confronting his past even as he is tasked to train a group of young pilots for a dangerous mission. To add to the intrigue, the group of his students includes the son of his best friend, now deceased, Lieutenant Nick Bradshaw a.k.a. Goose.

In the age of OTT, this movie has all that is needed to pull the audiences to the theatre – not only the action scenes but also the emotional aspects of the movie experience. The movie deals with friendship, regret, family, patriotism, and sacrifice. This universal appeal is the reason why people are watching it multiple times in theatres.


Thor is the first Avenger to have four solo movies to his credit, but he still retains a lot of pull for the Marvel faithful. The latest Thor movie takes the story forward from the earlier Thor: Ragnarok as the superhero has to deal with Gorr the God Butcher, who is out to kill every god in sight! While the movie has plenty of expected action scenes and exciting combat, it also has an element of romance. The message of the story is multifold – it is not a weakness to ask for assistance, love has a special place in life and finally, how one should persevere – stick it out. The special effects are top notch and the storyline is easy to follow for all audiences. Very importantly, Thor has matured from a selfish, reckless and arrogant god into a more sensible, more vulnerable entity with more depth to his character.


Batman has evolved, and how! The latest Batman movie is a SERIOUS movie, not only relying on special effects and CGI to capture the attention of the audience. It features characters that are not over the top, but rather like normal people, the action scenes are very believable, and the movie presents a different take on Batman. Robert Pattinson employs his ample acting abilities to bring this version of Batman to life, the brooding and dark nature of the superhero aiming to fight a villain out to terrorize Gotham City.

Needless to say, he has avoided the risk of getting typecast after his Twilight adventure, purely on the basis of his artistic prowess. The combination of the excellent cast, superb cinematography, and incredible performance by Pattinson and Zoe Cravitz all make this movie one of the best Batman movies ever.


Ryan Reynolds was apparently the first choice for the male lead in this film! However, the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum works quite well. The movie has just the right mix of adventure, humour, action and romance. A very enjoyable experience for the moviegoer! Channing Tatum matched Sandra Bullock, he was very funny and counterbalanced Sandra’s character. Daniel Radcliff is effective too, however, Brad Pitt steals the show in his brief supporting role. even though thoroughly predictable, this movie is well-made, excellently cast and very watchable. Made at a breeze pace, the movie is fun and perfect for a not-so-busy day.


In the final episode of the Jurassic World trilogy, the movie was not rated well by critics. This was mainly due to its weak storyline and not-so-compelling action. This made it the worst-reviewed Jurassic movie. However, the audiences seem to disagree as the movie has raked up almost a billion dollars in revenue, making it the second highest-grossing movie of 2022, behind only Top Gun Maverick. Most of the filming took place during peak Covid time and faced huge challenges. This seems to have affected the plot too, it lacks the focus that the earlier movies had, particularly impressive in the first movie. In a movie about dinosaurs, the poor dinos are relegated to the last position in terms of importance.

The movie seems like a forced attempt to bring back all legacy characters to the screen, irrespective of whether they add any value to the current plot or not. This final movie of the Jurassic trilogy seems less of a dinosaur movie and more like a cheesy action movie. Consequently, there is a real danger of the Jurassic franchise’s universal appeal going extinct. We can only hope the makers take note of this if they ever make a sequel in future.


Prey is a brilliant sci-fi action prequel to the Predator franchise. It gives a different, unique feel, and doesn’t seem like a copy of the Predator films. It has an entirely distinct visual aesthetic. The storytelling from Predator was perfectly balanced with Prey’s unique elements, making it one of the best prequels to be made recently.


This movie has all my favourite elements- action, sci-fi, time travel, and Ryan Reynolds. 

We all know Ryan can act in other roles, and portray a wide range of characters. Here, however, he does what he does best- play a snarky action hero. With the perfect balance between action and comedy, this movie is a great weekend watch. 


In this movie, Nicolas Cage plays a fictionized version of himself. Need I say more? I’m sure you remember watching Nic Cage’s movies such as National Treasure, Ghost Rider, Gone In 60 Seconds, and more. Apart from being an excellent meme, he’s also a great action-comedy actor. The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent serves as a lovable double act with Cage and the ever-charming Pedro Pascal. 


This is a movie filled with visceral emotions and is a great addition to Robert Eggers’ filmography. The very air surrounding the characters seems to rage. The brooding soundtrack adds to the atmosphere, making this a very thrilling Viking film. 


Uncharted is a movie based on the hit video game franchise of the same name. I expected this movie to be better, as far as action movies go. The reason I’ve still included it in this list is because of Tom Holland’s incredible likeability. It doesn’t have much of a feel left to it, after having been through multiple production teams. Mark Wahlberg is alright and plays his role well. Tom is a delight to watch, as bland as the movie is. All in all, this movie is perfect for a lazy night in, when you’ve got nothing better to do.

Which of these action movies will you watch first?

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