The Title Case and Online Case Converters


Title Case is a convection to capitalize titles, headings, headlines or names. As per the title case, the first letter of all major words of a title are capitalized. Title case makes titles look beautiful and classy. However, some people have a different opinion and prefer sentence case over title case. So go with what you like better. A few examples of statements in title case are as follows:

Example 1:

For instance, the title of this article is The Title Case and Online Case Converters where the first letters of all words are capitalized expect “and” which is not a “major” word in the title.

Example 2:

Another example is Top Ten Movies of the Century. In this case, as common sense would tell us, “of” and “the” do not need to be capitalized in the title.

To make it easier to understand which words to capitalize, just follow the rule below.

The Rule:

To write a statement in title case, capitalize all words expect articles, prepositions, or conjunctions unless, of course, one of these is the first word of the statement.

If you need to check if your title case statement is correct or if you wish to convert a statement to title case, then try out the online tool for case conversion called

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