Tips to Make your Makeup Last Longer


Make up last longer

You have spent a considerable amount of time wearing the makeup and making it perfect and now you want it to last all day because you won’t be able to find time any sooner in the rest of the day. However, you must be aware of the fact that makeup does smudge off after a while. Below are some tricks that you can try out to make your makeup last at least for a day

Exfoliate before starting:

Your makeup can last for many hours if you keep the bacteria and dead skin cells off your skin. For this purpose, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin before applying makeup. Exfoliation makes the skin smoother than before and prepares it well for makeup application. The texture of the skin also changes with exfoliation. Try to make it a habit of exfoliating your skin at least twice a week

Don’t forget the primer:

For many people, primer is an extra part of the makeup since they don’t feel the addition on the face due to its transparent texture. The primer acts as a layer between your skin and makeup keeping your skin protected from the harmful chemicals of makeup. Its basic objective is to close all the facial pores allowing the makeup to sit on your face more evenly. The primer also holds the foundation well which is the base of the makeup. So, if you want your makeup to not smudge off the whole day, don’t forget to apply the primer.

It’s not every day that we put makeup on; it’s usually reserved for special occasions. But on those days when we do choose to wear it – whether it be for a night out or to an important event – we want it to last and make us look our best. And although make-up application tutorials have become more and more popular on Youtube, there are still a lot of things we need to know about applying it.

Blend, blend, and blend:

Perfect makeup needs more blending efforts. You need to blend the foundation, eye shadow, blush-on, and every other part of the makeup. If you don’t blend the foundation well, it starts looking cakey after a while, and eventually, you lose the natural makeup look. Some people add multiple layers of foundation just to get perfect skin, forgetting to blend. For blending well, all you need is a blender of high quality and try to dab it on the skin instead of dragging it to let the skin absorb the foundation.

I’m always trying out new beauty products. It’s my job, plus I have the inclination to try to outdo it. That’s why I take people’s advice with a grain of salt — either it works or it doesn’t, who knows which way it will turn out. But then, there are trends that stand the test of time and become widely accepted as fact when they really aren’t. Take this one: Makeup that stays on longer results in longer staying makeup. That’s because we use more product than is needed and our makeup turns out cakey and flaky instead of fresh and smooth.

Use loose powder:

For many women, using a loose powder for makeup is never the first choice because they find it hard to direct it on the desirable location of the face. However, it has been seen that the loose powder sits well on the face already layered with foundation and primer. Not only just for the face, but you must also get yourself loose Eyeshadow Pigments at Nikkia Joy Cosmetics.

The loose powder makeup does not smudge off easily just like the contemporary makeup. However, you are required to have the necessary tools to apply it.

Nobody likes to admit it, but we all do it. We reach for our makeup bag and hope that the product will actually last until we get home before it gets obliterated. These days, most of us are guilty of using our makeup more than its useful life expectancy.

Apply foundation on lips before lipstick:

Applying lipstick is an essential part of the makeup that no one can ignore. It is always the lips that save you from doing dull at the end of the day. To make it last longer, apply the foundation’s thin layer on the lips and then coat it with lipstick. It is advisable to use lip liner to outline.

People often ask me how to make their makeup last for a longer period of time. The key to makeup looking flawless and fresh all day is a good base and healthy skin. Make sure you always have a clean base before you apply your powders, liners, or mascara. Only then the makeup can stick to the base and stay on for long hours without any issues.


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