TinyPNG: Compress PNG Images Online and Increase Website Speed


One of major reasons for a slow loading website or blog is heavy image files. Images take up most of the load time of a webpage. Hence, it is important to compress image files but also to maintain the image quality. TinyPNG is a free tool that let’s you compress PNG images in terms of file size without any visible compression in terms of the quality. You can upload up to 20 PNG format images at a time (maximum 5 MB each) using this online tool. The compress image with retain full alpha transparency as the original image.

Note: Use PNG format for images like screenshots and other computer generated graphics.


Above image was not converted using the tool. The following image from TinyPNG’s website gives a comparison of file size and visible quality of the original and compressed image:

tinypng compress PNG

TinyPNG Website: https://tinypng.com


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