5 times that Rakhi Sawant made absolutely no f*ckin sense



Rakhi Sawant – the controversial and hugely (un)popular (ex) item queen of India! She is famously known for spouting shit every time she opens her mouth. Her peanut brain and ever waggling tongue have managed to raise quite a few nationwide LMAO’s.

Want to know her top 5 bloopers? We admit it was very hard to choose, but here we are, presenting the top 5 times that Rakhi Sawant made absolutely no fucking sense!

Rakhi Sawant on Salman Khan’s Rape Comment


Well, we aren’t judging Salman Khan for making his hugely criticized rape statement a few weeks back, but claiming that his voice was dubbed by somebody else is absolutely ludicrous. Apparently, she says that Salman Khan is a laigand (legend – her atrocious English) and a legend cannot speak such a statement. It was definitely dubbed. Seriously Rakhi?

Rakhi Sawant on AIB Roast

As per our super sharp Rakhi, all the abuses hurled by Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh on the much controversial AIB Roast were also dubbed! Why – you ask? But of course, KJO and Ranveer are India’s legends; of course, legends will never hurl abuses, so what if it’s a roast! And yeah, these 2 legends are supposedly very good friends of Rakhi.

Rakhi Sawant on banning all Ceiling fans

This time, Rakhi outdid herself. According to her, all of us Indians should give up the use of ceiling fans. This alone will help to avoid all suicide cases. What’s there to doubt – ceiling fan ke bina toh suicide ho hi nahi sakta na! To quote her, If a father and mother love their daughter, they should get rid of ceiling fans. Use AC, use table fans”.

Rakhi Sawant on being compared with Sunny Leone


“Haan Main Bhelpuri Hoon Aur Sunny Leone Pasta hai. Pasta bahar se aata hai, artificial hota hai. Pasta khane se pet kharab ho jata hai. Mote ho jate hain, kitni bimari ho jati hai. And bhelpuri? So tasty, so teekhi, so chatpati”.

Also, “Please don’t compare me with sunny leone. Maine koi porn film nahi kari hai. But yes, I’m a glamorous, I’m very much upfront. You can compare me with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna… you know, International singers”.

Need we say anymore?

Rakhi Sawant on Politics


“Rakhi Sawant jitney bhi item songs mein aayi hai, humesha jhande gaade hai, Mujhe ek baar politics mein power milegi, toh main wahan jhande bhi gadungi aur dande bhi.”

As expected, Rakhi’s political career ended before it even started.

So these were the top 5 LMAO’s credited to Rakhi. I’m sure there are many more to come yet. We pray that our ears don’t start bleeding listening to her gyaan.


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