16 Things We’ve All Done After A Crazy Party


You plan for days together for “the Party” of the season… but the after-party effects come with their own set of fun, thrills, entertainment, and stupidity and for some, a shade of guilt too! Incredibly consistent in the way they are reported in conversations among buddies, here are 16 things we’ve all done after a crazy party, and probably would either love to repeat them, or avoid them.

No middle path here.

Talk it loud

No denials. A couple of shots down the throat turn even Doctor Silent into a Hulk in minutes. No matter how hard you hard to ssssh it down, the crazy conversations can be heard across the lounge as if you were on a PAS. Now you know why everyone knows the secret about your present crush!


Pretend to be sober and telling people you love them (even to strangers)

It is hard to stay still… and not stimulate your love buds. Post-party effects turn into an honest forgiveness routine, where your Zen genes take their course.


Blurt words only you can understand

The twerks and the selfies owe their origin to a party gone perfectly right. Your friends would remind you the flurry of new words you invented after a sloshed affair.


Count the Spoils

From the leftovers to the empty cans, counting the spoils is perfect way to stay on course for the next party.


Tattoo by the last man standing

Love your comrades who decorate your skin with medals of honour. Tattoos, lipstick smacks and cherry blossoms appear eccentrically on the loser who passed out first in the group.


Texting like mad…

After your mouth, it’s time for the fingers to go on an over-drive.


… And then forgetting who and what you messaged!!!

Realization of how you turned out to be your own nemesis is hard to handle. With no trace of what and whom you messaged, chances of living with a catastrophe just got real. Wait, till you find out.


So you think you can dance

Of course, you can! And every move will be caught on the camera so that you can better your own performance in future.


You start feeling rich… and sexier

You can sniff hard at the smell of money leaving you. And it does not feel bad at all.


Calling your Ex

Need we say more? You may be at the threshold of gastronomic orgasm, and holding back that excitement from your ex is hard to resist. Testing the details from how great you feel is a way to square the dumping ground score.


Letting it loose…

Once drunk, nobody is going to blame you for your exploits.


Crash landing at a friend’s place

Need a reason to take the party to the next venue? Scramble your friends in car pool and head straight to the friend’s place you were missing!

Thrill continues…


Singing a song you love in jumbled lyrics

Trained or novice, crooning comes naturally to everyone after the party. So naturally, that you might even find a motivation to audition for the musical idol show right away…


Swear like a sailor

Crass, but feels good to know that cussing is actually results in a never known spiritual high.


Have sex… with a stranger

Pages from the secret diaries… and not many would admit the adventure as an obvious aftermath.


Saga of lost wallets and keychains

That’s why mobile apps like TrackR and Tile are recommended as a safety measure.


Hopefully, you are not driving with alcohol running like a stream. Stay alive for more blogs.


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