Things to Consider When Choosing a Piercing Shop


As one of the largest cities in Australia, Sydney is a thriving metropolis that is famous for many things. Apart from the beautiful scenery and the fun restaurant scene, it is also no secret that the residents of Sydney have great taste in the arts and music. The city is known for having a dynamic culture, which translates to a unique lifestyle that allows you to experience both a bustling city and calming beach scenery. Given all this, Sydney is the perfect place to explore new things, such as getting your first piercing.

A body piercing is like a form of art and expression, but above anything else, it is still a procedure that involves your body. As a result, choosing your favourite body piercing studio in Sydney must be one of the most important considerations you make before getting the piercing. Being careful and cautious will not only keep you safe but also prevent you from ending up with a bad piercing. Do not make impulsive decisions and get swayed by things like a low price. Now more than ever, you have to be critical about the studio you choose to ensure your safety.

Cleanliness of Studio

The cleanliness of a piercing studio can give you a hint on the hygienic practices of the staff. As much as possible, look for a place that has a piercing room separate from the waiting room to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation. Similarly, inspect the equipment, such as piercing tools and needles, to make sure they are sterilised. The needles should be in individual sterile packages, and should never touch your skin after being soaked in a liquid solution.


Depending on your state or city, it is likely that piercing studios in your place have regulations to operate. Most places require studios to have licenses to ensure they meet the minimum requirements to operate. New South Wales, for instance, also has an exhaustive list of hygiene requirements for piercing studios to ensure they pass the standard.

Staff Behavior

When you enter the studio, you should feel welcome and be treated with respect. If you have questions or apprehensions about getting a piercing, the staff should also be able to address them adequately. Aside from this, see to it that they ask you for proper identification to verify your age, as well as health conditions you may have to ensure that they follow protocols. If they do not bring up these questions, it may be better to look for another body piercing studio in Sydney.

In other cases, it is also useful to simply trust your instincts. If you do not feel comfortable with a specific studio or piercer, then it may not be the right one for you. At the same time, if you feel as though you are being pressured to push through with an appointment, then you should look for another place.


Body piercings require the right tools and method, so you have to find a piercer who has the qualifications to do the procedure. Aside from making sure the studio has complete tools, you should also inspect the piercer’s practices. They should be using a clean set of gloves and mark the site of placement before making the piercing. Similarly, you should be given a set of aftercare guidelines to help you out after the procedure.

Since most of the above-mentioned things can only be seen once you do the procedure, it will also help to read some reviews to help you decide. Make sure you read those from previous clients to see how they felt about the experience and whether they would recommend the studio or not.

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